Aleeah Grace Simms is Teen Mom Leah Messer’s Daughter – Meet Her

Aleeah Grace Simms (born December 16, 2009) is a 12 year-old American celebrity kid famous for being the daughter of Leah Messer, the Teen Mom 2 reality television star. Get to know her here.

Aleeah Grace Simms’ Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Aleeah Grace Simms
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 16, 2009
  • Aleeah Grace Simms Age: 12 years old
  • Place of Birth: Elkview, West Virginia, United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Aleeah Grace Simms’ Parents: Leah Messer and Corey Simmons
  • Siblings: Aliannah Hope Simms, Adalynn Faith Calvert, and Remington Simms
  • Famous For: Being Leah Messer’s daughter
  • Occupation: Celebrity Kid

How Old is Aleeah Grace Simms?

Aleeah Grace Simms is 12 years old. She was born on December 16, 2009, in Elkview, West Virginia, United States. Her father is Corey Simms, while her mother is Leah Messer, and they are both reality television stars. Aleeah has three siblings whose names are Aliannah Hope Simms, Adalynn Faith Calvert, and Remmington Simms.

Aleeah’s parents, Leah Messer and Corey Simms, are reality stars. They have both starred in several episodes of Teen Mom 2, a reality TV show that displays the challenges young mothers encounter in raising their kids. The show trailed the relationship of Aleeah’s parents through their divorce, showing the issues they have faced and how they were able to resolve them.

Leah Messer and Corey Simmons Had Aleeah as Teenagers

Aleeah’s parents had her when they were still teenagers. At the time, her mother Leah Messer was a high school student, and she discovered that she was pregnant a few months after she started dating Corey. The young lovers welcomed their twin babies in 2009, but they got separated in 2010 when Leah started doubting their relationship.

Leah and Core came back together in 2010 and continued dating each other. On October 17, 2010, almost a year after the birth of their twin girls, they got married in a private church ceremony.

When Did Aleeah Grace Simms’ Parents Get Divorced?

Aleeah Grace Simms’ parents got divorced in June 2011 after Leah revealed that she had cheated on Corey a week before their marriage. She had confessed to the affair in one of the episodes of 16 and Pregnant, stating that she cheated with her ex-boyfriend Robbie. Corey could not forgive her as that was the second time she had allegedly cheated with the same man, thus, they got divorced from each other.

Following the divorce, Leah and Corey were involved in a custody battle over their twin daughters. While Leah always had primary custody, Corey tried to contest that by taking her to court severally. He eventually won in October 2015, but after Leah filed a response to the judgment, she regained custody of the twins.

Leah and Corey eventually resolved their issues in 2016 and came to a mutual understanding of the twins’ custody. They are now jointly raising the kids, and each spends quality time with both of them.

Who are Aleeah Grace Simms’ Siblings?

Aleeah has three siblings: a twin sister named Aliannah Hope Simmons, a half-sister named Adalynn Faith Calvert from her mother’s second marriage, and Remington Simms, her half-sister from her father’s second marriage. Meet them here.

Meet Aleeah Grace Simms’ Twin, Aliannah Hope Simmons

Aleeah Grace Simms’ twin is Aliannah Hope Simms. In 2014, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Titin’s Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic disease that causes weakness of muscles and loss of muscle mass. The disease has only ever been diagnosed in adults, and this makes Aliannah the youngest person to have the disease.

The disease affected her growth, and as a result, Aliannah is much smaller than her twin Aleeah. This difference often caused trolls to drop despicable criticisms on her mother’s Twitter handle whenever she posted a picture of them together.

However, Aliannah’s mum is quick to defend her daughter against the cyber bullies. Aliannah is living a good life despite her illness, as she has the love and care of her mother and siblings. She currently undergoes therapy to help live with her disease.

Is Aleeah Grace Simms Ill?

Aleeah Grace Simms is not ill. Although her twin Aliannah was diagnosed with Titin’s Muscular Atrophy, Aleeah received a clean bill of health from the genetic disease. She lives a normal life and is growing at a pace typical of other kids of her age.

Adalynn Faith Calvert is Aleeah’s Half-sister

  • Date of Birth: February 4, 2013
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Parents: Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert

After Leah Messer’s divorce from Corey Simms, she started dating Jeremy Calvert. After eight months of dating, they got married in a private ceremony on April 4, 2012. Almost a year later, they welcomed their daughter Adalynn Faith Calvert. Adalynn was born five weeks early and was in the hospital for a while as a result of complications she developed.

Her Parents Were Married for Only Two Years

Adalynn Faith Calvert’s parents were only married for two years. Although they never fully disclosed the reasons for their divorce, their relationship was strained as a result of Jeremy’s frequent absence. Jeremy is a pipeline engineer, and the nature of his job kept him away from his family for long periods in October 2014, he finally divorced his wife.

Leah and Jeremy have maintained a close relationship for the sake of their daughter, and they are jointly involved in raising Addy.

Remington Simms is Aleeah’s Youngest Sister

  • Date of Birth: November 8, 2015
  • Age: 9 years old
  • Parents: Miranda Simms and Corey Simms

Remmington Simms’ mother is Miranda Simms. She got married to Corey Simms in June 2013, two years after his divorce from his first wife Leah Messer. Miranda and Corey welcomed their daughter Remington on November 8, 2015. They have remained happily married ever since.

Where is Aleeah Grace Simms Now?

Aleeah Grace Simms currently lives with her mother and two sisters in Charleston, West Virginia. Her mother Leah is currently engaged to a co-star named Jaylan Mobley, but Aleeah and her twin still spend quality time with her father and his family. While she is enrolled in a high school, there is no verifiable information about the name of the school. Aleeah’s mum frequently posts pictures of her girls on her Instagram account @leahmesser.


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