US Election Update: Trump Ahead Of Clinton, Winning Key States


US Election Update: Donald Trump Leading In Key States

The US Elections have taken a rather unexpected twist, contrary to popular media expectation.

Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has won key battleground states Florida and North Carolina among others.

Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton seems to have been dealt a severe blow in the race for the White House.

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According to US television networks projections, winning one or both of the southern US states is critical for any candidate to emerge winner.

A Catholic Priest Appeals For Donald Trump With Aborted Babies

As at the time of this report, According to the Guardian UK Trump performed as follows:

Pennsylvania Trump wins – the first Republican candidate to do so here since 1988

Arizona – At 76.2% reporting, Trump is leading with 49.3% of the popular vote

Georgia – Trump wins with 53.7% of the vote

Michigan – At 77.1% reporting, Trump is leading with 47.6% of the popular vote

Iowa – Trump wins with 52.0% of the vote

Utah – Trump wins with 52.9% of the vote

US Election Update: Trump Ahead Of Clinton

Wisconsin – At 75.2% reporting, Trump is leading with 49.2% of the popular vote.

North Carolina – Trump wins big with 51.2% of the vote

Oregon – Clinton wins big with 68.4% of the vote

Hawaii – Clinton wins the state’s 4 electoral votes

Idaho – Trump wins big with 81.3% of the vote

Florida – Trump wins with 49.2% of the vote

Hillary Clinton on her part has narrowly clinched Washington state’s 12 electoral votes.

Hillary Clinton

Meanwhile, at the moment, Canada seems to be more appealing to millions of Americans as Donald Trump closes in on the presidency.

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According to Independent UK, the website for Canada’s official immigration agency is crashing under heavy traffic.

Americans are reportedly researching about how to immigrate to Canada in the wake of Donald Trump’s looming electoral college majority.

When attempting to access the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, an error message shows on the screen after waiting several minutes for the site to load.

Both Trump and Clinton need at least 270 electoral votes to win.

Electoral votes are allocated through a winner-take-all system in 48 states and DC.

Two states, Nebraska and Maine, allocate some electoral votes by district.