Nigeria’s Economic Crisis Is Due To Unprepared Leadership – Tunde Bakare


Pastor Tunde Bakare of The Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, has attributed Nigeria’s economic crisis  to the reign of an “unprepared leadership”.

While speaking at the 14th anniversary celebration of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Abuja, Pastor Bakare said Nigeria’s economic crisis situation was self-inflicted, adding  that it could have been avoided.

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He said:

“Unfortunately for Nigeria, our biggest boom experience fell into the hands of an unprepared leadership.”

The clergyman, however, added that the current economic hardship is an opportunity for the church to apply biblical financial principles that produce results.

“I am convinced that the recession currently being experienced in Nigeria is an opportunity for the Church.
“Therefore, I declare to you that the Scripture is about to be fulfilled in your hearing as God is stirring up the church to take responsibility for the destiny of Nigeria.

“That is why we are gathered here today to talk about the church and economic recession. If the church is also reeling from the impact of the recession, we must admit to ourselves that this is against the scriptural pattern.

“It is the best of times to take the tenets of the faith beyond the four walls of the church building to the marketplace and the policy roundtable.”

tunde bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare was the former running mate of President Muhammadu Buhari in the general election won by former President Goodluck Jonathan. He is the Convener of the Save Nigeria Group.

Tunde Bakare is one among other pastors, political commentators and economic and financial experts, who have attempted to offer various solutions to the ongoing economic recession.

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, recently predicted that the Nigerian economy will witness a 0.6%  growth in 2017, which will effectively lift the country out of an officially declared recession.

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According to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook report, Nigeria’s real Gross Domestic Product is expected to increase marginally by 0.6% with Consumer Prices rising by 17.1%.