Unmarried Couples Receive 100 Lashes Of Cane In Indonesia For This Reason


Five people were severely flogged in public in Indonesia on Monday, November 28, for disobeying the sharia laws of the country.

The victims were tagged to sexually related acts and they included two women and three men, flogged outside a mosque in the conservative province of Aceh in Indonesia.

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According to the reports, two university students, both 19, received 100 lashes, after confessing to having sex outside marriage.

Another man found guilty of sex outside marriage was also flogged at least 22 times while his partner, a 22-year-old, was not flogged because she was two-months pregnant. However, she was warned that her punishment will be enforced after she has given birth.

One of the offenders, a 34-year-old woman was flogged with a rattan cane at least seven times for being in close proximity to a man who is not her husband. The 32-year-old male who was with her was also got seven strokes of the cane.

Flogged For Fornication

Unmarried Couple Flogged a 100 times in Indonesia

Indonesia is officially a secular state with about 245 non-official religions. However, the Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the government recognizes only six official religions; Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

The Indonesian law requires that every Indonesian citizen has a card that identifies that person with one of these six religions else the person will be punished for going against the law.

Meanwhile, a number of provinces enjoy significant autonomy from the central government. Of these, Aceh is the only region to apply Islamic Sharia law in full, since special legislation was passed in 2001.

The strict application of the Islamic code means behavior such as touching, hugging and kissing between unmarried couples is forbidden. Gay sex, gambling and drinking alcohol are also prohibited.