Unknown Details Of Moyo Lawal’s Biography and Why She Hides Her Real Age

Moyo Lawal is a Nigerian actress popular for her roles in Shallow Waters, Tinsel, and Holding Hope, Time to Heal, Madam’s PA among others, and also for her curvy physique

Moyo Lawal has marked her name on the sands of time as an award-winning actress who has carved a niche for herself in the highly competitive Nigerian entertainment industry. She is one of the celebrities who create an identity around their personality which they don’t only consider to be unique but work to create and leave an image of them in the minds of people who come across their names and works. Several controversies about her have equally added to her popularity amidst her roles in movies and series.

Summary of Moyo Lawal’s Biography

  • Full Name: Moyo Lawal
  • Nickname: Moyo Bugatti
  • Place of Birth: Badagry, Lagos State
  • Profession: Actress, influencer, and entrepreneur
  • Most Notable Works: Shallow Waters, Tinsel, Holding Hope
  • Education: Tomibid primary school, Lagos State Model College, and University of Lagos

Moyo Lawal’s Real Age Has Been Under Speculation

Having spent many years as an entertainer, it is only natural that people may have come across her age. However, Moyo has guarded that part of her life with diligence while giving a clue to her birth month and day as January 1st. The reason she does not reveal her actual age is still a mystery that is yet to be unraveled. However, she was born in Badagry, a Local Government Area of the highly populated and economic State of Lagos.

She lived her foremost life in Lagos, where she attended Tomibid primary school before proceeding to secondary school. Fast forward to her later life, Lawal attended the University of Lagos, where she graduated with a degree in Creative Arts. She also attended the Lagos State Model College, which added to shaping her career in acting, as did her University.

Moyo has rarely given any details about who her parents and siblings are. However, she lost her mother around 2013/2014, and she was buried according to Islam burial rights in Ikoyi, Lagos. This is a major reason why many believe Moyo to be from an Islamic family. According to the actress, her father, although a private man, is one of the reasons she intends to get married so she could give him grandchildren.

Moyo’s father is an important part of her life, and at a time when she pierced her nose, he was one of the reasons she stopped wearing nose rings. She has a stepmother who is also an important part of her life. Nevertheless, nothing much is known about them.

She Started Her Career Featuring in Soap Operas

Growing up, Moyo had many parts of her body criticized, but she didn’t let that get into her way to chasing her dreams as an actor. While at the University of Lagos, a friend invited her for an audition that would lead to her casting as Chioma in Shallow Waters. Moyo continued as a cast in the series for 2 years, and while shooting, she realized she had a flair for the camera.

She then proceeded to become Chinny in Tinsel. The role further exposed her to another side of acting for about a year and a half. Although she does not currently appear in TV series, Moyo’s career acting in series also landed her roles in PEFTI’s Binta and Friends and Super Story, Flatmates, Jenifa’s Diary, and Edge of Paradise.

How She Broke Into Limelight As an Actress

Moyo was a contestant in the Next Movie Star but failed to reach the top of the reality TV show. However, having paid her dues making soap operas, she took a break from her acting and started a business that involved buying and selling. In 2011, she made a comeback and got a role almost immediately. In the progression of time, she gained roles in several other movies that would turn her into one of the most versatile Nollywood actors.

At present, Moyo has played the roles of a young woman, a mother, wife, outspoken, quiet, shy, and lesbian, among many others in Nigerian and Yoruba films. In her acting career, Moyo Lawal has remained relevant for over a decade. She has also acted alongside A-list stars like Desmond Elliot, Genevieve Nnaji, Omoni Oboli, Seun Akindele, Uche Jumbo, Tonto Dikeh, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and Majid Michel, among others. In her rise to fame, Moyo has claimed the 2012 award for Revelation of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON).

Some Movies and TV Series That Has Kept Moyo Lawal on The Spotlight

  • The Black Wedding (2021)
  • Charmed (2018)
  • A Toast to Heartbreak (2018)
  • The Bridal Shower (2018)
  • Madam’s P.A (2017)
  • A Time to Heal (2017)
  • Tangled Web (2017)
  • Desperate Baby Mama (2015)
  • Tinsel
  • Binta and Friends
  • Jenifa’s Diary
  • Eldorado
  • Super Story

Moyo Lawal’s Other Business Ventures And Endorsement Deals

Even though the actress has not gained much attention in the other things she engages in apart from her career, she is equally a successful entrepreneur who owns a skincare line known as Moyo Lawal Plus, aka ML.

Additionally, she has promoted several products, which many believe to be due to having different endorsement deals with the brands. Some of which include Persian Couturee – a company that specializes in body enhancement, skincare, and hair products. She is also an ambassador for Queen VedaNG, which deals with sexual and spiritual products and aphrodisiacs.

Moyo Lawal Has Several Controversies Surrounding Her and Her Career

In her career, although she has done quite a remarkable job at keeping some part of the career private, she has equally come face to face with several controversies. According to the actress, these controversies currently have little effect on her compared to how much they would have affected her if taken back to her initial stage of acting. These controversies are mostly steered by her involvement and postings on social media.

She has previously been accused of being suicidal after she posted that she was in a body fighting to survive with a mind trying to die. However, the actress said she went through a dark time, but she dismissed the claim and added that she was misunderstood. In a similar vein, the curvy actress has been accused of nudity and being a sex symbol, especially because she has many pictures revealing many of her body parts and making a series of posts centered on sex.

Still, on her body, Moyo’s curviness has landed her on the list of top Nollywood stars accused of enhancing their bodies through surgery. However, the actress has invalidated the claim. Further controversy about the actress is an accusation of her probably having low self-esteem. According to the actress, she claimed she couldn’t see what the public continuously emphasizes about the beauty of her body. Although there people who believe she was only polite, others claim low-self-esteem could have been why she didn’t want to accept her beauty.


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