Rooney Likely To Move To Chinese Super League Club At February Ending


Manchester United Likely To Sell Rooney Chinese Super League Club At February Ending

Sports Analysts at Sunday Supplement are speculating that Manchester United may be willing sell Rooney at this time.

Analysts gave indications that United could be in a position to sell Wayne Rooney to a Chinese Super League club before the end of February.

According to Daily Telegraph’s Chief Football Correspondent, Jason Burt, the United and England captain could sign for a Chinese Super League club before their transfer deadline on February 28.

This season, Rooney has made just eight Premier League starts, scoring twice.

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However, despite becoming the club’s all-time record goalscorer, Burt believes this might be Rooney’s last season at Old Trafford.

Burt believes Manchester United would be keen to sell Rooney if a big offer is made in the next two weeks.

Although Rooney himself doesn’t seem particularly convinced to move to China.

Burt speaking to  The Sunday Supplement said:

“If United believe he’s surplus to requirements, which I think he is, if he doesn’t go now then I think he goes in the summer, and I think they will be happy for him to do that.


“They will not get a bigger offer than what they will get from China so obviously they’d be pleased for him to go now.

“If that’s the biggest offer, they are going to realise in the next year they are going to want to take it.

“Ideally they will want to see through the season but if this offer is so big that they think it’s going to be the best offer, they’ll be quite happy for him to go.

“What I’m fascinated to find out is will he be willing to go? Is he willing to go to China? I don’t know because I hear conflicting things about it.”

Holding a contrary view, Chief Football Writer for the Sunday People, Steve Bates believes United will allow Rooney to make the decision on his next step.

Manchester United May Likely Sell Rooney This February

According to him, he doesn’t foresee United forcing Rooney out of Old Trafford as he has been a well accomplished player and is respected.

He said:

“I’ve spoken to people and they don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t finish the season at Manchester United and then take stock of where his career is.

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“I can’t see United forcing him out the door, he’s their captain. He holds the records, he’s revered at United.

“He’s no longer a starter, he’s no longer a regular and I saw Paul Scholes musing the other day whether Rooney’s ego could take not being a part of Manchester United’s first team anymore.

“He’s the captain yet he doesn’t play so I think there are decisions to be made.

“Because the window in China doesn’t close until the end of the month I think until that day there will be speculation he will sign a deal with someone.”