See Uniben Student Who Kept All The Pens He Used In School For 6yrs Till Graduation


A fresh graduate of the University of Benin, UNIBEN, has made himself popular as a result of a picture which he posted on Twitter and has since gone viral.

The UNIBEN student tweeted a photo of all the pens he used through his six years as an undergraduate student of the institution.

As seen in the picture, every single pen, numbering seventy-three on the whole, was used until the ink was completely dried up.

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As is expected, the post has drawn a lot of attention and consequently, comments from Nigerians. While some people are obviously repulsed at the little ‘achievement’ of the UNIBEN student, asking if he made a first class after going through the stress of keeping pens, others find it hard to believe his story.

Some others however, think the young graduate deserves to be commended for his ultra-carefulness.

Uniben Student Keeps All The Pens He Used Till Graduation

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See some of the comments below:

Elixir Akudo Umunna: Did he graduate with a First class???? Cos na dat one sure pass.

Johnson Dare: Mtcheeew:… How does that affect the price of rice??…. Shiorrrr

Olori Hollamideh Haminu: N all the biro happen to still have cover after the ink are used up…..hmm..ngwanu…we yaf hear

Icon79: I seriously doubt that he used 72+ pens in 6 years of undergraduate education. Going by my own experience, two pens can last me a semester. So how many pens does he use in a semester?

C’mon now, is he writing a PhD thesis every single day?

he just bought a packet of pen, removed d ink and snapped it and everybody is fallin for it. How can u use one type of pen for six years? No bic, leo smart, those pen given at occasions. He also forgot to add d pen he borrowed from his course mates when he didn’t have any pen to write in class.

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ashewoboy: Rubbish. Like say keeping pen dey give first class. The caption is misleading though. I thought he kept his virginity. I hope he graduated with First Class anyway

Chinasa Ugwuja Maximus: This guy deserve an award. It shows he is meticulous,careful and took the decision from the onset. So good to find some students who are still focused in this era when education has become (PAYG) pay as you go. He deserve some commendations.

An anonymous commentator said: Irrespective of the negative comments ;truth be told,it’s a good thing …shows how careful he is. stands out from the rest of us. Kudos to him.I’m really impressed,maybe it’s a study to find out how many pens he’ll use throughout his tertiary education.
If only I don’t lose pens so much,I’d have loved to know the amount of pens I can use up in a year.