Unbelievable! See GPS Watch That Helps You Track Your Kids


You won’t believe what this amazing new technology can do! GPS Watch for children helps you keep track of your kids location.

The device, which is seen as a revolution in children safety, helps keep your kids safe and alerts you on their activities if they have an injury of accidental fall.

The GPS Watch sells for between $60 (‎₦ 12,000) and $170 (₦ 34,000) and has an SOS Button, Electronic Fence,  Pedometer and History Route functionalities among others which make a must have for parents.

GPS Watch: Innovative Child Safety Technology

Lets take a look at some of it’s features:

Global Positioning Service

GPS Watch

The watch uses both GSM and GPRS base station double positioning technology to get highly accurate real-time location tracking all day.

SOS button


In case of an emergency, pressing the SOS button sends out a distress message to parent’s phone.

Bluetooth Feature

When activating this feature while out with your children it will send you a message if they exceed a certain distance from you. Great for when in a shopping mall or any other public location.

Two-way Communication

GPS Watch

This feature enables you to communicate with your child in case of an emergency using your cell phone and the watch’s embedded microphone.

Remote monitor

The GPS Watch also has a sensitive microphone which allows you to monitor all the sounds around the device in case of an emergency.


GPS Watch

This feature acts as your child’s own health assistant. It can calculate your child’s walking and running distance and calories expended.

Electronic fence

GPS Watch

This helps you set up a safe zone for your child to play in. Once out of that zone an alarm will sound on your phone through the App or via SMS.

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Anti Drop Feature

Using an optical sensor it will notify you as soon as the watch is no longer on your child’s wrist through the App or via SMS.

Route History

Allows you to see exactly where your child has been to and passed through, using the GPS Tracker over a 3 month period.

For the GPS Watch to be fully functional, it requires an active Micro SIM card with data/text connected to a 2G network as well as GSM Smart Mobile Phone App For IOS & Android (App Name: SeTracker).

The watch also comes with G-Sensor, Bluetooth Service, and can translate up to 12 languages including: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese, Malay and Danish.