Uda and Fertility: Health Benefits and Side Effects of Negro Pepper

The Negro pepper which is also known as Ethiopian pepper, uda in Igbo, eeru in Yoruba, chimba in Hausa, and Xylopia aethiopica scientifically, is an aromatic plant used either as a spice, perfume, incense, or birth control by women. The plant, which is found in Africa and South America, comes in dark color when dried and can be up to 5mm in length. Its medicinal content includes antioxidants and its ethanolic extract is said to have anti-fertility properties which serve as a great way to reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.

The negro pepper can be ingested into the body as food through soups and tea. Here are the health benefits and effects of uda for men and women you should know before adding it to your diet.

What Makes Uda Potent For Family Planning?

Although others believe that the use of uda to stop pregnancy is only a myth, many women have claimed that it has worked for them. Judging this claim with scientific proof, a publication of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University on Xylopia Aetiopiopica (Uda) shows that the presence of ethanol in the plant can reduce the potency of spermatozoa. This can in turn reduce the chances of a woman to conceive.

However, one may want to argue that the major components of clinically approved contraceptives used by women have the presence of estrogen and progestin. The question is, does the negro pepper have the 2? In any case, there are suggestions based on scientific studies that the spice has an effect on a woman’s estrogen which can lead to the limitation of conceiving when taken.

The major argument for the negro pepper and modern contraceptive pill is that both work towards stopping ovulation. This means that the chances of a woman getting pregnant at this point are very slim.

How Does Uda Affect Male Fertility?

The effect of negro pepper on male fertility has remained contrastive based on studies. To others, it can have a negative effect while there are sources that claim some contents of the Ethiopian pepper have a positive impact on male fertility.

In any case, a scientific study on the assessment of the reproductive impact of Xylopia Aethiopica showed that there is an increase in sperm motility (movement), increase in the weight of reproductive organs such as testis, and epididymis (where mature sperm are kept in the body). These advantages were noticed as a result of the intake of uda in moderation.

However, the study also showed a significant reduction in the quality of sperm in the aspects of motility and epididymis if taken in higher concentrations. In summary, the intake of uda should be done moderately as excessive and uncontrolled consumption of it may lead to damage to the testes and may reduce the fertility of men.

However, moderate consumption may increase spermatogenic processes which in turn increase the weight of reproductive organs and fertility. It is also reported in studies that taking the uda in high quality often may lead to permanent infertility in men.

How To Use Uda Seed For Family Planning


  • Step 1: Get a good quantity of uda or negro pepper. It can be found among people selling spices, herbs, or dried fruits and vegetables.
  • Step 2: Use a measuring cup to get 250 grams of the aromatic plant.
  • Step 3: Wash the uda and pour 60cl (0.6 liters) of water. If you are not certain of how to get cl, pour sachet water (50cl) and add a little amount of water.
  • Step 3: Pour the washed uda into the water and boil for 5 minutes. Make sure the color of the water starts to turn dark.
  • Step 4: Allow the water to cool and serve. You can refrigerate the water but freezing it will cause some important ingredients not to be active.
  • Step 5: The woman should drink the water immediately after intercourse. Others believe that it should be taken before and after.

The Major Health Benefits of Uda

General Health Benefits of Negro Pepper

  • The spice is said to contain anti-malaria properties that can help treat malaria.
  • It contains antimicrobial properties that help in fighting microbial invasion.
  • The powdered extract has healing properties that can help in the healing of wounds when used for wound dressing.
  • The plant can be used to treat rheumatism, fever, and reliability.
  • When grounded, the powder can be mixed with body cream to reduce skin sores, boils, and skin eruption.
  • May serve as a stimulant and can be used to treat worms in the body.
  • It reportedly serves as medication for gastric ulcers.
  • The intake of uda according to reports may reduce one’s chances of having cancer.
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Negro Pepper For Flat Stomach

There are beliefs that uda can help burn excess tummy fat and create a more flat one. This can be achieved when one takes the water used to boil the aromatic spice. According to claims, flattening of the stomach through the use of negro pepper can be achieved within 3 months of consuming the water or tea created from it.

You may wonder how this plant can help you reduce belly fat. As such, it is worthy of note that for one to lose weight whether abdominal or in other parts of the body, you will need to reduce the content of calories in the body. This is where the uda comes in. The plant, when taken with other plants is believed to help reduce the number of calories in the body which will in turn help in reducing the amount of abdominal fat.

How To Use The Plant To Reduce Belly Fat

  • 1st Step: Have a handful of uda seed, uziza (piper gueneese or Ashanti pepper), and ginger.
  • 2nd Step: Blend the spices together and place them in a pot
  • 3rd Step: Take a wrap of Mbaise (aju mbaise) and add to the blended spices. The wrap of mbaise should not be untied.
  • 4th Step: Add clean drinking water and boil.
  • 5th Step: Drink the water first thing in the morning before meals and after meals at night.
  • 6th Step: Refrigerate to preserve.

Note: There are several claims that a mixture of uda water works better when it is taken warm or hot.

Other Health Benefits of Negro Pepper To women

  • Uda is believed to have the ability to cleanse blood clots from the uterus or womb after childbirth.
  • It increases the possibility of reducing body fat associated with childbirth.
  • The Ethiopian pepper reportedly can increase the flow of menstrual flow in women. It also has the capacity to heal amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).
  • Negro pepper can help in fighting respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma.
  • It is said to increase breastmilk in breastfeeding mothers.

What Are The Side Effects of Uda?

Like any other food, consuming uda moderately may have its advantages and excessive ingestion of the spice may have its own numerous disadvantages that include the following:

  • It May Be Toxic To The Body: Aqueous extract as found in negro pepper may be harmful to the kidney and liver.
  • Can Cause Abortion: Although many modern contraceptives are believed to not cause abortion, it is believed however that uda has been used among people who intend to abort pregnancies. This method has been reported to be among the dangerous ways to terminate pregnancies.
  • May Affect Menstruation: The effect of Xylopia aethiopica contains properties that may be harmful to the woman’s reproductive system. It can cause heavy flow, irregular and painful menstruation; and reduction of ovulation.

Apart from the health benefits associated with the negro pepper, this common Nigerian food has numerous nutrients. They include protein, zinc, copper, Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E; Folic Acid, Limonene, and alkaloids among others. However, it is worthy of note that some of the health benefits mentioned here are not clinically proven.

Also, one other major problem with the uda seed intake is that like many other herbs, there’s often no measurement. As such, the chances of taking a higher dosage are very common. For all we know, the intake of everything in high content whether food, herbs, or clinically proven drugs may lead to other complications and in some cases, death.


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