How An Uber Driver Tried To Kidnap Me – Lagos Girl Reveals


Since Uber came to Nigeria, passengers have been enjoying its luxurious cab services, however, a Twitter user, by name Amarachi (@maraflux7) has accused an Uber driver of trying to kidnap her and her colleague while on a trip from Lekki to Egbeda Lagos.

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According to Amarachi, the driver, who was supposed to take them to Egbeda, took them out of Lagos instead. He also faulted by asking the passenger for directions on how to leave Lekki to Lagos mainland.

At a point in the trip, Amarachi said she slept off, knowing fully well that her colleague does not sleep in a commercial vehicle.

Unfortunately, when she woke up she found her friend sleeping and saw a road sign that read “Goodbye from Ogun,” meaning the driver was heading towards Ibadan.

The victim shared the story with her friend, Sandra, who in turn posted it on twitter.

Read Amarachi’s experience below:

“Sandra, I was almost kidnapped by an Uber Driver on 29th of December 2016,” she wrote. “I had a job to cater finger foods at a beach resort and heading back I needed to use a boat back to the Jetty. It was 1opm already cos I was in the second batch of passengers for the boat.

“The resort owner then ordered Uber Taxi to convey me and my colleague [resort photographer] cos we stay in same area [Egbeda axis of Lagos].

“The Taxi Driver [Charles] started the trip at 10.27pm and was expected to get home by 11pm. Estimated fare was N4,700 and the resort owner gave us N5,000. The driver said he didn’t know how to leave Lekki to the mainland and I directed him to the mainland bridge [reluctantly cos Uber drivers ought to be guided by a map right].

“After directing him I felt sleepy and knowing the colleague to be one who never sleeps in a car and with the thought that Uber is a safe taxi company I decided to take a nap . . .

Read the rest of the story below . . . Amarachi even added the map route from the transaction receipt the car-hire company sent.