Types Of Piercing – Fashion or Addiction?


From ear piercing, Facial piercing, Oral to surface body piercing; almost any part of the body can be pierced even teeth piercing lol! Just Kidding. Or not. Body piercing has existed for generations, from the age you would consider the barbaric era of man kind, when piercing existed as a symbolic mark of some tribes of the universe. Lets take a look at the many types of piercing and how fashionable or addictive body piercing has become.

Ear Piercing

Categories of Ear Piercing

joined ear pierce

Facial Piercing

facial piercing

Categories Of Facial Piercing

  • Eyebrow
  •  Bridge – Upper bridge of the nose, just between the eyes
  • Nostril Piercing
  • Septum or septril – Pierced through the soft thin skin towards the tip of the nose

Oral Piercing

oral piercing

Categories Of Oral Piercing

  • Tongue piercing
  • Monroe piercing
  • Cheek piercing
  • Lip piercing
  • Dental (teeth) piercing
  • Frowny piercing
  • Uvula piercing
  • Gum piercing
  • Labret – Pierced just under the lower lip of the mouth
  • Vertical Labret piercing – the ring or bead shows both on top and under the lower lip.
  • Philtrum or Medusa – A pierce of the upper lip
  • Spider Bite piercing
  • Angle Bite piercing
  • Snake Bite piercing

Surface and Anchor Piercing

surface piercing

Body Piercing

body piercing

Categories of Body Piercing

  • The Nipple
  • Navel
  • Corset Piercing
  • Nape Piercing
  • Genital Piercing

With the various cool and freakish kinds of body piercing one see nowadays, you might wonder if it is still just tradition, fashion or addiction. Maybe you might have a different opinion but you might want to consider your lifestyle before getting any part of your body pierced. Will your piercing be practical in day-to-day life? Simple things such as clothing and work dress codes can cause problems with certain body piercings. For instance many work places do not allow facial piercings and if you work in a dangerous environment, certain body piercings would pose a health risk. Most of these issues can be overcome with careful piercing placement and the right jewellery. Like they say “better safe than sorry!”