TY Bello Releases Stunning Photos of Adekunle Gold


Nigerian ace singer and photographer, TY Bello, recently released breath-taking photos of Adekunle Gold.

The legendary Camera guru did some nice portrait shots, showcasing the ebony skin of the Nigerian afro-pop singer, while some gold metal surrounded his upper body. Check out some of the awesome photos.

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TY Bello's Photos of Adekunle Gold

Read TY Bello’s inspiration for the shoot below;

“ADEKUNLE GOLD : BECOMING KING. I’m looking forward to attending his coronation . . . I got to hear his unreleased music while I made his portraits . . . Nothing quite like his sound … He’s the real deal…!He’s about to be crowned and I’m certain. I’m a song writer myself  . . . so I can tell . . . Nigeria and indeed the world are about to discover their new favorite genius  . . . One day I’ll be boasting about how I heard those songs before they came out .. The idea for @adekunlegold ‘s portraits came two days before he called me. I had just read about Bezaleel on Exodus 31  . . . And how God gave him creative genius to work with Gold , silver and bronze. I had made some art images that emotionally said everything I wanted but just never felt quite right  . . . Bezaleel’s work spoke to me . . . My work was missing some metal. So I began to study the use of metal in sculpture and design . . . how to bring that into my work I was trying to figure out which of my artist friends I’d like to collaborate with when Adekunle Gold’s messages started flooding in  . . . He sent me photographs of designs and concepts with gold elements and asked me what I thought  . . . I just smiled  . . . God had gifted me beautiful work and had taken time to prepare me. I tried to stay calm as I started going on about how I was tying to decode Exodus 31 and bring it into my work  . . . And roughly described some ideas that I had for his album art .. I didn’t need to say much more  . . . He was completely in. I collaborated with Sobukola Oluwanisola , an artist friend of mine and we decided on using recycled metal built into crowns and deconstructed as pieces for the portraits. So here are our portraits Rustic and futuristic  . . . Our Adire clad  . . . King explorer  . . . Ready to launch !!#tybellophotography #adekunlegold #gold #music #collaboration #manandmetal #machines.”

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TY Bello's Photos of Adekunle GoldTY Bello's Photos of Adekunle Gold

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