Two Prostitutes Fight Naked In Public (Video)

Seriously, prostitution is one ‘occupation’ that does not only strip people of their clothes but also strips them of shame. Two young women said to be prostitutes recently engaged in a raw show of shame following an argument which led to a fierce public fight.

The ladies based in the United States of America threw caution overboard as they fought dirty for unknown reasons in a local black community in America named Bronx.

They tore each other’s clothes and put all their private assets on public display to the delight of the happy crowd who made no effort to separate them. The video has been circulated on Facebook with huge number of views.

One may not be wrong to assert that all prostitutes are the same when it comes to fight-readiness. It takes just a little provocation to bring out the beast in them. I’m still wondering why though. Just the other day, it was reported that two half-naked prostitutes from rival groups took to the middle of a street to engage in a brutal fight over a disagreement as their pimps encouraged them amidst cheers from many people who were being entertained.

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The incident also took place in Bronx, part of New York’s notorious neighbourhood. The two wore skimpy dresses and had their bums exposed to the entire world as the fight continued. Even while cars bonked, the pair continued the fight to the astonishment of all.

See video:

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In a nearly similar event which took place in Abuja, Nigeria, a sex-starved lawyer met his match when he got into a fight with a prostitute  over N2,000 in a hotel at old Maitama area of Kubwa.

The lawyer had gone to stay in the hotel where he met the woman. After negotiation, he agreed to pay her N5,000 for TDB (Till Day Break). But he ended up paying her N3,000 instead, which made the sex worker angry.

A source said trouble ensued when she dipped her hand inside his pocket and removed his wallet containing the sum of N7,000.

“In an attempt to retrieve the wallet from her, what started like a small quarrel became a street brawl and his shirt was torn,” the source added.