Woman Gives Birth To Twins On The Same Date She Had Their Elder Twin Siblings


In what is regarded as 4.5 million chances in one phenomenon, a couple, Zeo 38, and Ben 42, gave birth to the second set of twins on the same date as the first.

The couple reportedly had an induced pregnancy ten weeks early for their set of twins named Leah and Erin which resulted in both sharing the same birthday as older sisters who are also twins on January 25.

Mr. Ben Sullivan who’s an Engineer and his wife Zeo already have nine kids and they celebrate the two sets of twins birthday on the same day.

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According to Metro UK, the Leah and Erin, the two youngest twins were born premature and were separated at birth to go to different hospitals: Leah in Inverness and Erin in Aberdeen. Their other children include: Elizabeth, 11, Olivia, 10, Noah, 7, Evangeline, 5, and Tobias, 4, then older twins, Charlotte and Isabelle both 8 years old.

It is recorded that the chances of twins are one in 50 but the actual odds of twins born on the same day to the same couple is actually one in 4,562,500.

Charlotte and Isabelle share the same birthday with their baby twin sisters

Mrs. Sullivan told the Metro:

“Our family isn’t one in a million, it’s one in thirty million. We had a big day for them all and did more on the weekend. Now all our kids want babies on their birthdays.”

Meanwhile, on another similar occasion where women wish to have as many as 7 – 13 children, a 34-year old mum is ready to welcome her 13th child after she claimed to be addicted to children. On see her, one would never believe Cheryl Prudham with her slender body has already born 12 kids and she is reportedly receiving around £40,000 a year in benefits and has regularly spoken out about her larger than the average family.

Cheryl’s children come from two different men, six of her kids with former husband Robert and with partner Lee Ball. She started giving birth at age 17 in a homeless hostel and even now, she’s working as a part-time cleaner when TV hostess questions how she manage to sleep at night in such full house.

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Critics believe she should not be paid as much as £40,000 per year as benefits by the state, but she defended herself saying she only think about her kids and family which is what matters the most.

Cheryl went ahead to explain that she only want to have another child with a smart, good-looking man who would be willing to donate sperm for artificial insemination.

She told Closer:

“I was hurt by Robert and find it difficult to trust again. Besides, how would I find a guy willing to take on all my children? But I’m feeling broody again as my youngest is nearly a year old and I miss having a newborn in my arms. I would love a boy next.”

Cheryl with ex-husband and kids.