Truth About Tope Alabi’s Marriage to Husband Soji and All About Her Daughter

The veteran singer, Tope Alabi, is a Yoruba gospel artist known for her soul transforming and Holy Ghost-filled songs. She is a respected figure and mother to many, and she is happily married and has her family and biological children. Contrary to popular opinions, she has been married just once, and Tope Alabi’s marriage to Soji Alabi has continued to flourish over the years.

Tope Alabi and Soji Has Been Married for Over Two Decades

The gospel singer has been married to Soji Alabi since 1998. Soji, a studio engineer and music producer, met his wife in 1994 at Ikeja Lagos on one of the days she visited a recording studio. He happened to be the studio engineer for the studio at the time, and they both got along well. They became close friends, and four years after their first meeting, the gentleman proposed to her, and they got married the same year.

Since their marriage, both have continued to grow stronger both in their career and as a couple. The music producer greatly influenced his wife’s song choice, and today, she is doing very well in that sphere. He had continued to be her producer since 2001 when she released her debut song, “Ore ti o common,” to date. He equally serves as her manager, and they have both grown into a strong and happy family alongside their children. Aside from these, not much has been revealed about Soji Alabi.

Meet Tope Alabi’s Daughter, Ayomikun, and Her Siblings

In her 53 years of existence, the singer has been blessed with three children. One boy and two girls. Her first daughter, Ayomikun Alabi, was born in Oshodi, Lagos, on the 7th of May 1998. Following her mother’s footprint, Ayo graduated from Bowen University Iwo, Osun State, with a second-class upper in music. Although her mother had wanted her to study medicine, she insisted that music was what she preferred.

The 26-year-old singer revealed that she would have loved to be an actress or movie producer, but she had to answer the call of God as a gospel musician. Ayomikun Alabi released her debut “A Friend” in 2020. She featured her mother, who she claims is the brain and inspiration behind the song. In addition to music, Ayo is the CEO of a hair brand, Laila’s Hair.

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Ayomikun has two siblings. She is older than her brother, Boluwatife Alabi, the first child Tope Alabi’s marriage with Soji produced. Boluwatife is a lot more reserved than his sisters. The last child of the family is Deborah Alabi. She is popular as a model and social media influencer. Of the three children of the Alabi’s, Ayomikun is the most popular, and there has been a controversy surrounding her paternity lately. The last two children, Boluwatife and Deborah, are the biological children of Soji and Tope, while the first daughter was born to Tope before her marriage to Soji.

Who is Ayomikun Alabi’s Biological Father?

Nobody thought that Tope Alabi’s marriage with Soji didn’t produce their supposed first daughter after their marriage, talk more of Ayo been fathered by another man entirely. A man named Mayegun Olaoye surfaced on the 20th birthday of the young lady to wish her a happy birthday and announce that he is her father. This claim made by Olaoye sparked an uproar on social media, but he did not care because he wanted the world to know that he is the father of the girl.

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Mayegun, who was said to be an entertainer at some point, but currently an auto dealer, didn’t give further details about his relationship with Tope after his younger brother had spoken about it. He said that his younger brother knew all about the relationship, and all he said in his interview was the truth, so he had nothing else to say.

Tope Alabi’s Relationship with Mayegun Olaoye

According to Olaoye’s younger brother, Victor Oyegoke, his brother and Tope Alabi met in Ondo State while she was still known as and called Tope Obayomi. Victor claimed to be living with his brother at the time and knew exactly everything that transpired in their relationship. He said that his brother met Tope at a movie location in Akure through the late Alade Aromire, who was an actor. Since his brother was engaged to another lady he called Bunmi, and he did not think that there was anything serious between him and the gospel singer until he visited his house and found her living with him.

Later, Tope became pregnant but miscarried the first child. She got pregnant again, and she gave birth to Ayomikun. When the baby was two years old, she left the house of Olaoye and took her baby to her mother. Upon releasing her first album, she went to carry the baby to live with her in her current husband’s house. With that, the child’s father could no longer send gifts and support to the child as he always did before that time. He stated that his brother did not abandon his child, but he was not given access to her. He equally added that it was wrong for Tope to change the child’s name to that of another man without proper adoption procedures, especially when the father is alive.

Ayomikun’s Opinion About Her Father

The child in question, Ayomikun, also spoke about the controversy. She said that Soji Alabi is the only father she knows. According to her, she was told about her biological father a long time ago, but the man did not care to reach out to her even when her mother tried to make her have a relationship with her father; he was not interested. She stated that he never cared about her in the past two decades of her life, from creché to university, and she considers him a terrible father.

She maintained that she could not bear the surname of a man she has never met, and the only way they can mend the situation is through the law court. She added that she knew he was not trying to blackmail her family, and she does not deny knowledge of his existence either, but she doesn’t want him as a father and will never change her surname to his.

Tope Alabi’s Responses on the Controversy

Olaoye stated that he had nothing to discuss with the little girl because she is probably speaking based on what she has been told. He said that he dares Tope to come out herself and say that he is not the child’s father, then he would know what to do. However, the singer never denied the allegation. She rather said that she had changed her daughter’s surname due to the inconveniences it posed whenever they had to travel.

This controversy over the paternity of her first daughter has made some people say that the singer was married before her current marriage. However, the truth is that before Tope Alabi’s marriage with Soji Alabi, she had a child with Mayegun Olaoye, and Soji Alabi remains her first and only known husband. Regardless of all that has happened, the Alabi family has continued to remain happy and united, as reported by Ayomikun in her interview.


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