Trump Vs Clinton: Trump Got 0% Support From Black Voters In Ohio


Report of the poll for the US presidential election between Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania showed zero per cent vote for Trump from black voters.

As simply stated, In Ohio where the two American Presidential candidates are tied, 11 per cent of the 848 registered voters in the poll were African Americans (black voters), and they voted for Clinton 88 per cent to 0% for Trump.

The same goes in Pennsylvania state of the United States, where Clinton was ahead by nine points, 10 percent of the 829 voters are African American, and they went for the democrat, 91 per cent to 0 per cent for the republican.

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A twitter message on the voting result simply compared the presidential contenders as:

According to the local media, the polls showed that Mr. Trump faces significant deficits with African-American voters and other nonwhite voters. But his firm supporters argue that he can make up the difference with a strong performance among white voters.

Mr. Trump is the last man standing of the Republican Party and it is known that since the party’s founding in 1854, none of its candidates has won the presidency without winning Ohio.

Trump Vs Clinton: Trump Got 0% Support From Black Voters In Ohio

According to a prestigious Ohio native, Kyle Kondik, an editor who just published “The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks President,” he said:

“Ohio is the Republicans’ gateway to the Midwest.” If Trump cannot win Ohio, he cannot win the election.”

This can only mean that without Ohio, Mr. Trump might not win Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota or Iowa – states in US.

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An overall surveys has shown that large percentage of eligible citizens of US dislike both presidential candidates. In each states of the US, 20 per cent of voters were either undecided or volunteered that they would support neither Trump nor Clinton.

The polls were conducted from July 5-10, in the immediate aftermath of the Clinton’s email scandal – about Mrs. Clinton’s decision to use a private email server for her official business as secretary of state.