Trump Calls Putin “Very Smart” For Not Responding To Obama’s Sactions


It is not news that there is mutual respect between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and American President-elect Donald Trump, as well as the black blood between Putin and Barack Obama.

But if ever there was any doubt as to Putin’s friendship with Trump, as well as his resentment of the Obama administration, Putin himself has laid those doubts to rest.

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In his annual New Year’s greeting statement to foreign heads of state and governments, the Russian President Putin congratulated US President-elect Donald Trump, rather than President Barack Obama.

Let it be noted, however, that Putin had sent seasonal greetings to Obama and the American people. This happened on Friday, when Putin responded to the US sanctions against Russian Secret agencies.

Speaking during his annual greeting statement, Vladimir Putin stated that he had hope that after Trump has been sworn in as the President of America come January 20, that Russia and the US could start “acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner, will be able to take real steps to restore the mechanisms of bilateral cooperation in various areas and take their interaction in the international arena to a whole new level.”

On Friday, Moscow released a direct message from Putin to Trump, and it read:

“Major global and regional challenges that our countries have confronted in recent years clearly confirm that Russia-US relations are an important factor in ensuring stability and security in the modern world.”

In response to Obama’s sanction against Russia, Putin said on Friday that the Kremlin will not follow the Russian Foreign Ministry’s suggestion to expel 35 American diplomats in retaliation of the sanction from America.

According to Putin, he would not let himself “resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy.”

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In response to Putin’s decision not to respond to America in kind, US President-elect Donald Trump has sent words to Putin, calling him “very smart” in a tweet he made on Friday.