Trouble In Paradise: Defence Headquaters Detains Generals For Looting


The race to bring all looters to justice has been ongoing for a while now. The president having taken some of the suspects to court made a redeeming revelation which other top government officials doubted to the extent of calling him a liar. He said that some looters are already returning their loots voluntarily.  However now, detention is the next big way of trapping the looters.

Reports say Generals are being detained after an order by the Presidency to have the military authorities take immediate actions to recover looted funds allocated to them. The Defence Headquarters according to reports began to summon back about 20 Generals reported to have been involved in the procurement of arms and ammunition for the country.

According to Vanguard report, the suspected Generals are being detained at a military facility in Abuja, for taking a great deal of money from overcharging or swindling the nation in the name of procuring arms and ammunition.

This is a no-mercy situation as sources say even former top military officers, naval and air force officers, who retired within the past three months, are being brought back to face an investigation panel carrying out an inquest into the purchase of arms for the nation since 2009 with a view to ascertain the roles they played in the missing defence funds. Those who are no longer in service are among those being probed, and of course there is no place to hide if you looted before Buhari’s administration.

The investigative panel which was raised by the Chief of Army Staff, is headed by a Brigadier General, whose name was not disclosed for security reasons, an unnamed source revealed.

The sources also said: “I can tell you that the current leadership of the Defence institution in Nigeria has zero tolerance for corruption given the need to give Nigeria a new lease of life. All those suspected to have diverted any money meant for the armed forces are being recalled to explain their roles in arms purchase.

“As we speak, some Generals currently serving are under detention at a military facility in Abuja while some who had retired but held sensitive appointments relating to arms and logistics procurement have been recalled by an investigating panel.”

It was asserted that some of the top military officers who were detained might have participated in a conspiracy with some national security officers to pocket huge sums of money mapped out for the purchase of necessary equipment and platforms for the armed forces which the sources say they did simply by acknowledging and signing of the receipt of such items when supply had not been made.

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