Transgender Child: 12-Year-Old Born Girl, Returns To School A Boy


Shane Oliver, is a 12-year-old transgender child, who was born a girl but returns to school as a boy after telling mother he felt he was in the wrong body. 

Shanice felt for years that she was a boy trapped in the body of a girl and  shunned girls’ toys, hated being made to wear dresses and so on, but after confiding in her mother, Leanne, who two months waved him off to school for the first day of the rest of his life, she came back as skateboard loving Shane.

Shane Oliver, from Skegness, Lincolnshire, cut his long hair, got rid of his school skirt and changed his name from Shanice as he revolutionised his way of living and has started attending classes as a boy.

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The 12-year-old said:

“It has been much better since I went back to school as Shane, all of my friends have been really supportive. Most of my classmates understood why I came back to school as a boy and with the others I helped to explain it to them in a different way. I told them I was meant to be a boy but I came out as a girl, so I was born as the wrong person.”

According to her mother, she noticed even from younger age that  she would never play with toys designed for girls and preferred the likes of dinosaurs and Lego. As she grew older she shunned dresses and her mid-length locks, and even begged her to let him wear a suit instead of a bridesmaids dress to her sister’s wedding.

She finally broke down in tears two years ago explaining that she hated her life because she was a girl on the outside but a boy inside.

“When Shanice broke down in tears and told me she hated her life and that she was born a female but she knew she wasn’t a girl – it broke my heart. Even while growing up she always preferred boys clothing and wouldn’t play with girls stuff, she preferred skateboards and anything to do with army or Lego.

“Once Shanice was able to tell me her secret that she was born in the wrong body I could see the relief from her face. She was so miserable before. He decided to keep part of his old name, when he was born I named him Shanice, now he’s Shane.”

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Leanne has now redecorated the room Shane shares with his sister, replacing the pink walls with comic book-themed décor.

Shanice Oliver's room
Shanice Oliver’s room