Actress Toyin Aimahku Allegedly Poisoned by Ex Husband


Recent news reports have opened old sores regarding Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimahku and her husband Niyi Johnson.

On Thursday, June 30, 2016,  some Instagram followers of Johnson, accused him of trying to poison Aimahku during their marriage.

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Toyin Aimahku has kept mum about the issue for a while but finally opens up to write on her social media page that “Silence is no longer golden.”

However, when newsmen approached her to comment more on the matter, she declined and bluntly told them she is not interested in discussing her break-up. “If you don’t mind, this is not something I want to talk about,” she said.

Meanwhile, Punch reports that Johnson on his part claimed not to know what the reporters were talking about. “I don’t know where you got your story from, I don’t know what you are talking about,” he said.

Recall that Toyin Aimahku and her husband ended their marriage in 2015, following allegations of promiscuity levelled on the husband. The actress went ahead to re-ignite a relationship with her old lover, Yoruba movie producer, Seun Egbegbe. However, the relationship ended in a heartbreak on the part of the actress.

“I don’t think so because the truth is, I have trauma. I am even scared right now. All I need now is God and the holy spirit to help me because the truth is I’m still in trauma,” she said in an interview.

“I am scared. I don’t think I can even love again. I am scared to love. I am over it but I can’t be healed. There is no point lying about it. There are some things you can’t lie about. I hope I would be healed.”

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The actress revealed that although she is still in love with her ex-husband, Johnson, she doesn’t see herself going back to him. Also, she said, if she will be in another relationship it has to be with a white man, else she will remain single.

Aimahku Tells it all in the interview below

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