Top 10 Nigerian Websites Other Than Social Networks That Will Upgrade Your Life


Upgrade your life with these Nigerian Websites! Life is too short to spend it surfing the net unprofitably. According to CNN, teenagers in the UK and some western countries spend 9 hours a day on social networks, while children between 11 and 12 years spend 6 hours. The statistics only gets lower for adults who have jobs. However, the average Nigerian spends a total of four hours on the internet everyday. This includes time used for random browsing and also time spent on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

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While social media does not entirely contribute negatively to your life, there are other things you could do online to have an upgraded social life. Rather than scroll infinitely on Facebook, it would be more profitable for you to visit some other websites as they appear more resourceful than social networks.

Here are 10 amazing Nigerian based websites you should visit often to escape from social media as well as have an upgraded lifestyle. These sites will also help you achieve the resolution you made to enrich and step up your game this year.

10. Jack & Jil live


Jack and Jil is a relationship journal which publishes information in forms of letters to Jack and Jil (representing men and women). These letters addresses in all honesty and tackles relationship issues, and are written by Relationship expert, Brand, Strategy & Policy Consultant, Leke Alder. Jack and Jil gives detailed explanations men to women and women to men, on how to improve understanding and foster wholesome relationships. You can simply visit the website for frequent reads, subscribe to Jack and Jill newsletters or follow @JacknJilLive on Twitter for regular updates.

9. Net Bulk SMS


With technology just a snap away, rather than employ the services of someone/company to help you send bulk SMS, you can save yourself the stress, time and money of looking for who to carry out this task. There are several other websites that offer bulk SMS service, however Netbulk has been proven over time to be reliable. With about N1,500 worth of units you can send SMS to 1,500 at a go, as the service provider charges, N1 per 160 character SMS.

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8. Tutlub

Muslim Social network

Tutlub is a platform to connect Muslims worldwide through prayers; giving them an online platform to supplicate, communicate and learn together as an online Muslim family. It allows users to create profiles and interact, with religious affiliation forming the basis of their interaction and also engage in extensive religious conversations.

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7. Dealdey



Unlike Jumia and Konga, Dealdey is an online market where everyone is a customer, and anyone can be a store owner. You can put up anything you want to sell there, and also buy anything you want directly from the retailer. Things are usually cheaper at Dealdey because the sites advocates for occasional discounts and weekend/holiday sales.

6. Ofili Speaks


Hosted by a UK based Nigerian, Okechukwu Ofili, who is the prime publisher of the site. Ofilispeaks provides controversially brilliant and comic versions of topics in Politics, entertainment,  entrepreneurship, education and other sectors. It also features creative writings on short stories for both children and adults. Examples of published stories you can find there are; How Laziness Saved My Life”, “How Stupidity Saved My Life,” “How Intelligence Kills,” and the African version of the fairy-tale story, Rapunzel, “The Girl With The Afro Hair.”

5. Waka Now

wakanow website

You do not have to walk into an airport to book a flight, or worry about the cheapest airline to use on your next trip, or what hotel to stay in, wakanow can handle all of that for you. Upgrade your travel plans by using this two-in-one platform to make your trips easier and less stressful.

4. Okada Books

okadabooks website

Okada books is a double faceted platform for book readers as well as writers who wish to publish the electronic versions of their works. Just like the Okada bikes that maneuver through traffic to take you to your destination in time, Okada books beats the time and stress of going to a book shop to buy a book, and through a publisher to get a story published. This amazing websites helps you download as many interesting books as you desire, some for free, others for as low as N20. On the other hand, publishing is free, and you have the liberty to put a preferred price tag on your work.

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3. Push CV

Pushcv websitePush CV is a platform where jobs can be easily obtained without having to roam the streets looking for one. The website serves as an intermediary between white collar job employers and job hunters. As a job seeker, you create an account, discipline and industry of interest or qualification. Companies and individuals seeking positions that match with what your profile reflects will be connected to you by the site administrators.  It’s up to you to attempt their tests, interviews and even accept a job offer via Push CV.

2. 54 Artistry

54artistry website

This is a creative website for advertising and recruiting craft men and women. 54 artistry is a community of creative individuals where their hand works are showcased to enable people who need them to hire them. The website has a database of over 15,000+ freelance creative professionals in Nigeria and Ghana. The platform is sectioned into 15 different categories, which include Artists, interior designers, Writers, Models, Photographers, among others.

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1. Buzz Nigeria buzznigeria website

Buzz Nigeria is a fast trending website that provides breaking news, evergreen information, tips and journals in politics, entertainment, sports, Nigerian Movies and lots more. Subscribe to Buzz Nigeria newsletter and get instant updates of every recent article published on the website.

Now that you are done with this article you can scroll up and click the website name to analyse. With regular visits to these websites, you will realize that social networks do not add so much relevance to your internet time compared to these life changing websites.