Media in Nigeria has a long history when compared to most other African nations. Historically, Nigeria has boasted the most free and outspoken press of any African country you can think of. Almost all Nigerian newspapers have an online presence. The emergence of internet or what you can refer to as the New media has brought about several websites which are dedicated to allowing Nigerians air their opinions on a variety of topics.

The steady growth of the internet has given rise to a number of news platforms, all leading in entertainment news, politics, business, Technology just to name a few, not just in Nigeria but in Africa as well.

From over 100 news websites in Nigeria, our analysts have selected Top 20 truly Nigerian Outstanding News Websites, If you’re a Nigerian interested in the latest Nigerian news, everything from business to politics, technology, sports and celebrity gossips, then you should have these websites in your bookmarklet.

Although some news platforms listed here are more established than others, while compiling this list, we decided to side with younger, lesser known but authority websites that have shown huge potential to scale phenomenally. If there’s one thing these blogs share in common, it is the desire to keep innovating

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