Nigerians are great and interesting people. Despite the way they normally criticize their country, there are still a lot of things they are known for which they would not love to trade for other foreign practices. If you have not noticed some of these things Nigerians are passionate about, start making your observations after reading this piece. You’ll soon confirm I told you just the truth. Read on…

1. Making Money

Nigerians are known to be very hardworking, but I tell you the truth, the only motivating factor is money. Nigerians so much love money that they could do virtually anything to have it. A typical Nigerian wouldn’t mind doing all sorts of odd or foul jobs in order to make money. Money-making rituals and 419 are very prevalent in the country, and Nigerians are also known for that in foreign countries. An average Nigerian man or woman is always in his worst mood when he doesn’t have money. Nigerians love to make money, and that is endlessly, no amount acquired is sufficient enough to make them slow down the pace with which they go after it! Well, the good thing about that is that it make them ambitious, hardworking and responsible.

2. Travelling out


Tell a Nigerian you’re taking him or her abroad and she continues to dance about till eternity, thinking of completely nothing else. Nigerians always believe there are greener pastures beyond the sores of this country. A Nigerian will fight tooth and nail to see he leaves the country, even when its glaring that the means would put his life on the line. There is no part of the world where you’ll not get to find a Nigerian. This has made Nigeria one of the most popular countries of the world. It has also given rise to a saying that if you get to any part of the world and never came across a Nigerian there, you should make haste and take your leave because the place is definitely not conducive for human survival.

3. Religion


Nigeria is the second most religious country in the whole world. You can never sever Nigerians from their religious ties. Nigeria is a place where you’ll come on the morning of a weekly day and see some market stalls under lock and key, and when you ask of the traders’ whereabouts, the answer you get is that they have gone to church. And mind you, they’ll spend almost the entire day there. I don’t think there’s any other country of the world that can outnumber Nigeria when it comes to the number of worship centres. There are two major religions prevalent in the country, Islam and Christianity. The Christians are the most serious – throughout the week, be it morning, noon, evening or midnight, a church program will certainly be on.

4. Getting Married


Marriage is not just important to Nigerians; marriage is everything to them. No matter what your attainments in life may be, if you are not yet married as a Nigerian, you have not arrived. They normally refer to it as settling down, meaning that if you are not yet married, you are yet to settle, in other words, you are floating. This passion for marriage could be traced to Nigerians love and attachment to family life. Even when a man has numerous girlfriends and is very much convinced that he is not ready to stick to one sexual partner, he still insists on getting married. Same on the part of the woman, the greatest thing that’ll happen to her is to get married to a man. They cherish having a family to call their own, therefore, to have it, they must marry.

5. Extended Family Life


Nigerians cannot do without extended family relations. It is only in Nigeria that family ties that have no clear or even traceable explanations are held tenaciously. This has given rise to some coined family relationship names that never exist in the English vocabulary. They’ll always tell you that someone is their distant cousin, uncle in-law, and so on. Whenever there are ceremonies, you have to be very careful with making a very comprehensive list of all relations to be invited because any omission could be very dangerous!