If you are particularly interested in Nigeria and has been following Nigerian blogs for sometime, you might be interested to find out the top ranked outstanding blogs in the Nigerian blogosphere. The Nigerian entertainment industry is estimated to be a huge goldmine that is presently under-utilized. The steady growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry across the globe has given rise to a number of blogs, all leading in entertainment, not just in Nigeria but in Africa as well.

From over 50 entertainment websites in Nigeria, our analysts have selected Top 10 truly Nigerian Outstanding Entertainment Blogs, If you’re a Nigerian interested in Nigerian entertainment industry, everything from music to movies and celebrity gossips, then you should have these blogs in your bookmarklet.

Although some of the blogs we selected are more established than others. We sided with younger, lesser known blogs that have shown huge potential to scale phenomenally. If there’s one thing these blogs share in common, it is the desire to keep innovating

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