Top 10 Apps for Nigerians

Nigeria has some of the most imaginative, creative and innovative minds in Africa. When it comes to technology, the country has some of the best domestic and even international apps for iPhones, tablets and Android phones as well as other smartphones. These apps range from those for socializing, entertainment, news and even money transfer. Here we are going to take a look at top 10 apps for Nigerians, that have hit the headlines of late.

 1. Orin


UK-based Nigerian technology guru Finbarrs Oketunji developed this great app to allow lovers of Nigerian and other African music access their favourite genres and even share it with those in their social circle. Orin is a Yoruba word for song. It has great design interface which is also very user-friendly. You can play songs on the Chart page at any time on any supported device (table and mobile). You will also enjoy great song quality. Orin is all about enabling artists to do what they love and providing fans with an inspiring selection of music.

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 2. 2go


Although Alan Wolff and Ashley Peters from South Africa developed 2go, the app has a heavy presence in Nigeria with up to 10 million Nigerians using the app currently. 2go is a mobile social platform where you can chat and share with your friends and acquaintances and meet new people. With 2go, you can create your very own profile and upload your favorite pictures. The things you can share in this network include files, photos, and contacts. You can also chat to friends in Google Chat, Facebook and Mxit.

 3. Nigerian Radio

This is an app that allows Nigerians to listen to live broadcast of the latest news, music and talk shows. It will provide you with optimized and rich mp3 audio streaming of live broadcast in a continuous manner. It has a cool design user interface, allows multitasking and uses low memory resource. The app also allows you to chat with your friends and other users and has a notification icon that indicates the status.

4. Nigerian Gossip

gossip app

This is one app that is the center for most of the gossip you can ever find in Nigeria. This is because it brings together the topmost Nigerian news, gists and stories from the most popular Nigerian blogs including That1960Chick, African Movie News, Watch-Nigerian-Movies, Debbie ibiyemi, Best of Nollywood, Toke Makinwa, 360nobs, Laila ikeji, Linda ikeji, Stella Dimokorkus and Naija Gists. This definitely is a great app; you need to check it out.

 5. Nigerian Dictionary

This is a great app, which any Nigerian with an android phone who is patriotic needs to install in his or her device. It is a quick and easy translator that will enable you to translate many Nigerian languages and dialects. It also supports voice search. The dictionary supports English to Yoruba translation and vice versa, English to Igbo and vice versa, and Pidgin English to English and vice versa. This is why it is an awesome app for Nigerians.

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dictionary app

 6. Nigerian Movie HD

If you are a serious fan of Nollywood and even Hollywood movies then this is the best app for you to install. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the latest Nigerian movies, Nollywood movies and Nigerian Cinema on your tablet and your phone. It has great features that make it user-friendly, convenient and very reliable.

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 7. Jobs in Nigeria

If you are a job seeker in Nigeria and you own a Blackberry then life would be a lot easier with Jobs in Nigeria Blackberry app. This app connects job seekers with their prospective employers. It lists jobs from various career sources and at the same time allows employers to look for suitable candidates. The target of the app is for graduates who have cleared their training and looking for jobs and is users of smartphones. Professionals looking for career change can also benefit.

 8. Nigerian Constitution

Many Nigerians have no idea of what their constitution says including those chapters that are supposed to safeguard their own rights and privileges. The app was developed to address the lack of the knowledge of Nigerian Law on the part of her citizens. The entire constitution is designed in a way that it can be accessed easily from smartphones and other supported devices.

 9. ChannelsTV Mobile

ChannelsTV is one of the leading television stations in Africa. They have developed an app for lovers of the station to enable them access content on the go through their smartphones. You can view headlines across sections, watch live feeds and contribute to the channels social media platform. You will have breaking news at your fingertip.

 10. iROKOtv


To crown our list of top 10 apps for Nigerians is the iROKOtv android mobile app. This app is dedicated to full-length Nigerian movies including those of Nollywood and African cinema. You will enjoy HD quality movies streamed directly on your Android Smartphone. The app allows you to search for the movies you love by their titles. You also have the opportunity to rate your preferred movies and even share them with friends.


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