Tonto Dikeh Divorce Saga: Actress Reveals Her Husband Is A ‘Yahoo Boy’ And A Murderer


Tonto Dikeh has reacted on Instagram following the news which recently broke out that she pulled out a gun during one of the many fights she had with her estranged husband, and that she destroyed his properties worth thousands of dollars in Ghana.

Sequel to her tell-all interview a few days ago where she opened up on how her hubby, Oladuni Churchill maltreats, beats and cheats on her, a new video which was released on the internet revealed shocking details about her.

In the video published online by Asempa News in Ghana, a man identified as Supt. Joseph Oppong, Crime Officer at the Madina Divisional Police is seen reading a statement allegedly written by her husband, Churchill during one of their fights at their home in Ghana where they went in to find Tonto Dikeh in a rage, destroying items in the house because she claimed her husband was cheating on her.

Oppong said before they arrived, she had destroyed $15,000 worth of items and they had to restrain her adding that she had even waved a gun at one of Churchill’s bodyguards who tried to stop her from breaking the properties. Watch the video here.

However, responding to the viral video, Tonto Dikeh says: “The truth will always provoke lies” and she also revealed her husband is a “Yahoo Yahoo Boy”, who “killed” their unborn child. She hid the revelation in the hashtags. Read in-between-the-lines to get her gist.

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She wrote:

“The truth will always provoke lies..
Laughing and dancing to my New song..
#Readyournews #Gunmyfeet #drunkmyfeet #Liars #theonlythingyougetrightyourlies #Thingsyahooboysdo #IliveyoutoGod #Fraudster #Jesuswonalready #Toofocusedonpostivity #saynotodomesticvoilence #tontodikehfoundation #Who reads the news of how you killed our unborns through domestic violence? #Murderer #Same man who read your news should look into your 419 schemes as well


The revelation seems to have turned many hearts against the actress and as usual, Nigerians have taken to social media to ask Tonto why she decided to marry Churchil knowing he was into Yahoo Yahoo business as she claimed.

See some reactions below:

Azeezat Olaitan: And she really enjoyed the Yahoo Yahoo money, I think Tonto is frustrated that was y she’s been splitting much out, she just want to make sure she won the public sympathy, I believe if the ex-husband could come out n speak specifically on everything that had happened, we might have Tonto blame in sm part.

Kgomotso Moropana: Even if u pulled out a gun on him its okay, he was abusive anyways…u did good by leaving him. Money ain’t everythin & u hav 2 set out a gud example 2 ur daughter not 2 tolerate abuse. Those women who r being abused ‘Get out now’…! Choose happiness

Tioluwafikayomi Asj: Eish! Whatever! Please Tonto we’re really tired of seeing you as the headlines. Please carry una wahala go front. All I can see is a confused woman in you. Instead of been frequent in prayers, you’re frequently visiting the social media that has nothing to offer. No matter what happened you don’t have the right to pull a gun. A good & decent lady will never pull a gun.

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Sorbari Juanita: Hmmm… Oh God in Heaven pls where ever they hav buried Churchill’s brain… pls let dat place vomit it xo he can reconcile with his wife!… My mb don finish ontop their matter…

Coded Don Harry: Na today u know say na yahoo yahoo, after all the lies u told on social media about new cars, fone and others. My friend close ur mouth. And carry ur cross. U never see anything u dey make noise. Am sure u are telling us more lies.

Given Chileshe: There is just something sooo fishy about this Mr Churchhill of a man, paying the police to twist the story wil not make it right, i will continue to say this, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. #YahooBoy

Nonye Anisiobi: I know all these would come up, I wrote here DAT Tonto should not expose anything about? Churchill, many feminists attacked me, today wat is happening, untold truths are being revealed, more are coming, when you walk out on a marriage, I advise u to shut up. No matter what you think u know about ur partner, he knows more about u. u guys should stop all these scandalous exposure. Remember, u have a child, all these rubbish will later tell on ur baby king.!

Uche D’Eazymuo: So you knew he’s a yahoo guy and killed your unborns but you stick with him until things weren’t the way you predicted. Now, you’re no longer together so please, continue keeping quiet over everything, mind yourself, and let peace reign.

Juliet Chidinma Ohiri: I know that in Marriage you gat to protect your partner. In her own case, she over protected her ex-husband. She always talked about how the man was a God sent to her, that he even changed her to a new Tonto… She even said that the man bought her many gifts…(Who asked her). And now she is saying that her ex-husband did nothing for her, that all she said was lie. She even praised her ex-husband more than Mercy, Annie and Omotola on SM. I am beginning to suspect that this Tonto is a liar…..

Matilda Oluwatosin Maxwell: Frustrated Tonto, your man left you, and its hurting you to your brains, that u can’t let go in silent, tomorrow’s news might be blood money or he forced u to marry him,

Uzoma Mirian Chinwe: This is becoming bitter and childish…tonto and ex-hubby pls try and be amicable in this separation/divorce for the sake of your child haaabaa.

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Chika Mbah: Wen U dey eat yahoo money u no tell us… Look Tonto it’s OK with all these ur revealing secrets about ur estranged husband… Karma is a bitch u know..

Tosin Kehinde Joseph: Tonto Dikeh pls go and do something with your life, enough of your fake stories looking for sympathy from gullible people like u, thank God your ex is not replying u, cos i would have given u a smackdown

Kweku Abeiku: Tonto Dikeh is a vengeful woman…the kind the Bible warns every man against. Because the man left her she wants to humiliate the man…she forgets that the curses and insults she is hurling on the man is going also to the child they have together.

Bose Olise: Hmmm but u were enjoying d yahoo yahooo money back den?well na two of una wahala be dat .cos me kno de wen d both of u started d love God help u both.will be back cos my firsh don de burn

Obinwanne Ogomegbunam Udezue: Enough of this shameless act from Tonto Dikeh and her husband, you guys has this secret all along and you live together, why exposing yourselves now? When your child grow up, tell him that his dad is a yahoo yahoo man, that he killed your unborn child but you still go ahead and took in for him again. Rubbish

Favour Nky: So you knew Churchill was a Yahoo guy and still married him? Na longer longer and greediness worry u na! Again, how did he kill your unborn child? Is there something you’re not telling us yet? Stop being confused Tonto. I’ve advised you before to emulate Genevieve Nnaji. Keep your personal life out of social media biko and stop worrying us.

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