Tonto Dikeh Speaks on the Joy of Breastfeeding


The Joy of Motherhood is the most priceless gift any woman can receive. Apparently,  Mrs. Tonto Dikeh Churchill is basking in that euphoria of baby love as the ‘Poko’ queen revels in the awesomeness of being a mother and providing food (breast-milk) for her baby.

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The Nollywood actress, who once ventured into singing, seems to prefer the role of playing mom for her three-month-old baby as well as being the wife of the enterprising Amb. Olakunle Churchill, to being on set.

Dikeh during Pregnancy

Tonto Dikeh Churchill

Married in August 2015, Tonto Dike welcomed her first child with her husband in the United States on February 18, 2016. The actress whose devotion to her new family is next to none, says getting married and keeping her home is the best thing that has happened to her in recent times.

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She shared her new experience of breastfeeding her baby boy, calling it a ‘fulfilling task,’ while advising mothers to stick to exclusive breastfeeding.

“After birth this is the most fulfilling task/duty. Having the knowledge that you produce food so great for your Child…

“Am so grateful for Gods awesome miracle . . . If you have never been here you wouldn’t understand the joy my heart holds…

“Mothers please read about the benefits of breast-feeding, Show everlasting love to your offspring…#7monthstogo.”

Tonto Dikeh Churchill
Tonto Dikeh and her baby

Health Practitioners say exclusive breastfeeding (baby friendly) is the best and Tonto Dikeh plans to feed her baby for a year.

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Ironically, Tonto Dikeh used to be known for the opposite of what she is today. If she can turn out so calm and motherly, anyone can. It’s just a matter of time and chance.

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