Toke Makinwa Is Seriously Considering Getting Married Again


After a broken heart and home, one of the most talked about Nigerian On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa is ready to get married again.

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During a Chat with Encomium magazine, the 31-year-old made it clear that she is no longer bitter about her failed marriage and has long moved on.

When asked if she would ever get married again, she affirmed in the positive.

“It was a journey, we all go through different stages, we learn from them.

“Marriage is a beautiful thing. Next time we would be talking, I might be a married woman, who knows. Life is a journey.

“You are allowed to grow, it is a journey of growth, and be open, do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it so that you can learn from your mistakes, become who you are supposed to be. It is a beautiful institution. I am not coming from a bitter place, you would accept what happened.

“For me, it might be a marriage, for the next person, it might be a sick child. The most important thing is what you do with what you learnt from the situation.

“No one should see that your life is not perfect but I am here to change that. People should see you in your worst, which is how they can appreciate your success story. People should see you when you are down and under because you would still come up.

“If you reach the bottom, there is only one place to go which is the top. We need to eradicate shaming people to silence, most especially women. Women are held in high esteem.

“You can’t show to the world that you are heartbroken, you can’t show to the world that your marriage is not perfect because people would look at you and think there is something wrong with you. But there is nothing wrong with that person.

“She is walking through life. She is becoming what she is supposed to be. It is important that we unmask ourselves, let go off this tradition because people die in silence. There is more to life than the shame.”

Toke Makinwa Is Seriously Considering Getting Married Again

Miss Makinwa is currently going through divorce with her estranged husband, Maje Ayida.

Following his unfaithful escapade with his mistress, Anita Solomon and other women, Toke decided to pour all her pain and heartbreak into her recently released book “On Becoming.”

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