Toke Makinwa And Estranged Husband Has Some Words of Advice For You, Respectively


After a brief marriage which led to Toke Makinwa filing a divorce seeking the dissolution of her marriage, the media personality, and her estranged husband have been doing pretty well in their separate lives.

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Toke Makinwa has finally began to embrace her new life as a single woman while her estranged husband, Maje and his ex-girlfriend cum baby mama, Anita Solomon, nurture their first son together.

In a recent interview, Maje spoke on fatherhood. He also mentioned a thing about meeting Toke Makinwa, advising her fans to watch out for her.

“I’m still learning. It’s a whole new world and there’s a whole lot of self-discovery to learn, so I just take each day as it comes,” Speaking on what fatherhood.

“We met a long time ago at a boat club in Lagos and like I said, the relationship is part of me, its part of my story, I’m not here trying to separate myself. It’s part of who I am. She’s an absolutely amazing person and she’s going to keep flying and she’s going to soar because that’s how great she is, you guys have just not seen anything yet.”

Meanwhile, the on-air-personality has been doing everything possible not to fail socially as she had maritally. Last month she was featured on the maiden edition of Fame Extra Magazine where she hinted that she cried when she got home from her first date after her separation with her husband, as it was hard embracing the new life.

Toke Makinwa and estranged husband

A few days ago, she posted a 1-minute clip on Twitter advising young ladies to live an active social life. Her advice didn’t go down well with some of her followers, especially the male folks, as she was quoted to be advising young ladies to live a wayward life.

According to Toke’s advise clips, young ladies should attempt some things before they hit age 25. Things like kiss a stranger, have a one-night stand, get some piercings and a tattoo, club regularly, make new hair often, and some other tips considered trashy by her critics.

The advice is always to take every advice with a pinch of salt. Although she calls herself a love and relationship expert, we all know where her relationship led to.

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All the best to Toke Makinwa and her estranged husband as they find happiness in other people.