Why Toke Makinwa’s Book Had A Missing Chapter


You will agree with us that Toke Makinwa’s ‘On Becoming’ is a must-read, if not for anything, for the buzz surrounding it.

The book has attracted so many critics; from judging her about mentioning Facebook in 2002 to saying ‘Maje’ was the most repeated word in the book, ‘On Becoming’ has catapulted Toke Makinwa from a controversial on-air personality to a controversial author.

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For people wondering what happened in the chapter 10 that had no write-up, this is the explanation. While some say it was a mistake for one full chapter to be missing, some say it’s literally hot and an intentional move to pass a message on a blank page.

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The book, which is an autobiography of Toke’s life so far, was centered on her childhood, relationship with Maje and their hurtful separation caused by his cheating affairs with one Anita Solomon. The missing chapter was titled ‘The Other Woman.’

Logically, that would be the chapter Toke should invest all her curse words and pain into over the woman who that broke her home, but she rather left it empty either because she had nothing to say to the other woman or considered her not worthy of wasting words on.

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Meanwhile, Toke Makinwa took a trip to Abuja for another round of the book launch, also using the opportunity to visit her childhood home.

It must have been an emotional journey as the city reminds her of her lost love Maje and her parents who died after a gas fire outburst at their home when she was eight years old.

“2 radio interviews, and a visit to where I lived as a child in Abuja. I’ve never been back there, it holds so much emotions and I always told myself I will only go once I have exhaled.”

“Today I did; it was good to see where I played as a child, my home and so much more. ????by @shotbyernest #onbecomingmediatour #press -day #Abuja follow my Snapchat to watch all the bts” – Toke Makinwa wrote on her Instagram page.


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