Amazing! Boy Born Without Arms And Legs Plays Computer Games


Born without arms and legs, 11-year-old Tiyo Satrio, has learned to keep himself happy by playing games on his PlayStation as he uses his chin to operate the control pad.

The gaming addict from West Java, Indonesia, plays at every possible opportunity and proves himself to be more than a match for his friends.

The ever smiling Tiyo Satrio, has also learnt to write by holding a pen in his mouth, and manages to keep up with his fellow classmates academically.

The principal of his special needs school said despite him being in the second grade, he is capable of solving fourth grade mathematics problems such as multiplication and division.

However, it wasn’t always like this as the little boy initially struggled with insecurity issues – often not going because of his low self-confidence and physical disabilities.

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boy without hnds1
Tiyo writing with his mouth

Now a regular attendee, Tiyo Satrio relies on others to carry him around or push him about in his wheelchair. But his upbeat nature and infectious laugh make him a class favourite among both pupils and teachers.

His mother Mimi said throughout her pregnancy, she was unaware of her son’s condition and even after he was born, she wasn’t told immediately that her newborn child had no arms or legs.

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Although shocked when she was told of her son’s disability, Mimi said she had to quickly adjust to her son’s condition – and it’s this acceptance that has contributed to Tiyo’s outgoing personality. She said:

“I was surprised. I thought he would be normal like my other children then I have the youngest in that condition. Now I feel fine, just normal about it and accepting.” 

Mimi and her husband Wawan, says looking after Tiyo is a full-time job.  The couple have four other adult children who live across Indonesia and therefore are not able to help with the daily care needs.

Boy without hands

Tiyo is able to do some things himself, but his lack of mobility means they still need to help him do everything from bathing and dressed him to feeding – although he has learnt how to unwrap sweet wrappers with his mouth.

The family said they used to receive state funding for Tiyo but claim they no longer receive financial support. Mr Satrio added:

“Taking care of Tiyo everyday, we can’t go anywhere. If we work we can’t take care of Tiyo.” 

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Tiyo’s school SLB Firdaus has taken away some of the daily burden. Every morning he is picked up by motorbike and taken to his small special needs school, where he excels at maths and religious studies.

Watch Tiyo Satrio play a game console:

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