Tiwa Savage Talks About Sex Education


Recently, Nigerian top singer, song writer and performer, Tiwa Savage had a chat with HipTV where she defended her sexiness and gave a little pep talk on sex education. According to the new mum, when asked if the fact that she is now a mother would diminish the sexiness in her videos. She replied that when you give birth it doesn’t mean you stop being sexy and as a woman it’s still a very important part of you.

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She also talks about the importance of sex education, saying that even though the average Nigerian will like to preach abstinence to young people, the truth is that young people are having sex and so it is important to educate them about it.

Tiwa says sex education is very important that is why she got involved in a programme called “Get it Together” with Paul okoye, a scheme that talks about family planning. Tiwa says rather than tell our children not to have sex, which most times they don’t adhere to, its better and safer to teach them how to have safe sex. Tiwa says its always a dicey situation for adults, especially African parents to know exactly at what age they should start teaching their children about sex, rather about safe sex.

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She says its only God who can give the wisdom in terms of intuition to know what to say, how to say it and when to say it so the children in question do not misinterpret what they are taught at any point of their lives.

Watch the video below.