Your Husband Is Under Attack, Pastor Tells Tiwa Savage


The marriage of super star singer, Tiwa Savage takes another sensational turn. This time, it is a spiritual one. Pastor Libarty, the crooner of ‘Ifeoma’ thinks it is a spiritual attack.

In an impassioned appeal to the singer, he cautioned her to not be carried away but to see the development as ‘an attack from the pit of hell’.

“I want Tiwa Savage to begin to understand that whatever is happening to her now is an attack from the pit of hell. Her husband is in deep trouble. I am sure that his pastor has not been able to tell him that he’s under attack. The devil may not attack you directly, it will attack your partner. Spiritually, as I am seeing it, her husband (TeeBillz)  is under attack.”

Since it has become normal for people to blame the devil for their failures and to reserve the praise to themselves for their successes, this appeal might be dismissed as one of such. However, there is some truth to it, which may not be immediately apparent. Celebrities, industry associates, and the general public have reacted to the marriage failure. The most of them have been attempts to lay blames and accusations, while the most are genuine attempts to bring about reconciliation. Pastor Libarty’s appeal may be a genuine attempt to reconcile the parties in a marriage that has been repeatedly dismissed as ‘over’.

Tiwa savage
Tiwa Savage, Pampers Ambassador

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News of the marriage crash reached the Nigerian public on the 28th of April after the male partner in the marriage melted down on social media. He accused his wife of infidelity, witchcraft and ingratitude. Tiwa Savage fired back shots in a melodramatic and emotional interview revealing his addition to drugs, mismanagement of money, jealousy suicidal tendencies, and the emotional trauma it caused her as well as her attempt at saving him from self-destructing.

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Tee Billz himself was well aware that he is fighting a battle when he wrote on his Instagram account in one of the first posts that exposed the crash thus: “I have been fighting this spiritual battle since I was a kid, my mother and father can testify. Went from family battle to mother-in-law battle. @tiwasavage ask your mother to confess what she’s done to me.”

We pray he wins this battle.

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