Tiwa Savage Fires Back At Critics Who Condemn Her ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign


Following a post Tiwa Savage shared on Instagram over the weekend about ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and her fans’ criticisms, the sensational singer has replied her critics.

Tiwa Savage lashes out at her critics who feel she shouldn’t join the Black Lives Matter protest in America because Nigeria has got its own problems which she is yet to speak about.

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On July 9, 2016, the pop sensation shared a ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster on her Instagram page with the message “I Can’t Keep Calm I Have A Black Son.”

Black Lives Matter Campaign

Black Lives Matter

This was her way of joining in the current protest in America where two black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were shot by the police.

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After posting the photo, Tiwa Savage was dragged by Nigerians for having an opinion on a matter that does not concern her. Urging her to speak up on Nigerian issues instead.

The singer released a retaliation photo of herself protesting about the missing Chibok girls. She was indeed seen during the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Campaign with a placard on the streets with other celebrities.Black Lives Matter - Tiwa

In the caption of the photo she wrote;

“Let us not let the devil distract us by letting us fight amongst ourselves and lose focus on the many tragedies happening around the whole. Yes you as an individual might not be able to fight for every cause but even the little you do will help.

“I don’t need to justify my support for #blacklivesmatter and it’s sad that some people should even question my support because I’m sure these same people were happy when the rest of the world supported us with our #bringbackourgirls movement, but you don’t want us to show support because it is not right on our doorstep.

“This is exactly what the enemy wants and he “the devil” is a liar. We will keep supporting each other and not get distracted and just to clarify what happens at home means so much to me as a Nigerian.

“I didn’t just hashtag I joined several walks in protest, used my voice as an artist and wrote “olorun mi” as a tribute to lives lost on the Dana crash and will continue to do many more as it is my duty as a Nigerian, a citizen of this world and a child of the Most High.”

Meanwhile, while all the brouhaha was going on, Tiwa was in South Africa  Savage, where she was awarded the Hero of the Month award by Reel Africa on Friday, July 9, 2016.

Black Lives Matter - Tiwa

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