Tina Mba Dismisses The Silent Debate On Old Vs New Nollywood


Some group of people in the Nollywood industry are raising a discussion that may trigger a divide and Veteran actress, Tina Mba is not happy about it.

Tina Mba slams ‘old vs new Nollywood’ stating that it is both irritating and ridiculous to segregate actors from different generations.

It’s just like saying the children are of a different lineage from the parents. In Tina Mba’s POV, she believes that rather than emphasize on the different ages of Nollywood generations, thespians should appreciate the fact that they have given birth to children who in turn have given birth to children.

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Renowned film-maker, Charles Novia joined the talk of ‘old and new Nollywood’ when he made a comment on Emma Ugolee’s The Gist, stating that the new Nollywood actors are not as established as their older counterparts.

Tina Mba stood to correct that thought on the divisive categorization of the movie industry when ‘True Nollywood Stories’ asked for her opinion on the matter. She said:

“My name is Tina Mba and I have no apologies for what I’m about to say. Nollywood is Nollywood, I do not know a new, old, ancient, stone age, archaic…I don’t know.

“This is my opinion and I think it is ridiculous, people saying old and new Nollywood. So you give birth to a child, you don’t expect the child to grow and have other children? What is wrong with us, man?

“It’s irritating, I’m sorry. It’s something I’ve heard and find absolutely ridiculous. We are all actors. There is a revolution. Can we all just accept it?

“There are new actors, new writers and refreshingly so. Can we all appreciate the fact that you gave birth to children and your children are giving birth to children? You can’t be the star forever, sorry.”

Tina Mba

Tina Mba
Tina Mba

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Tina Mba has been in the Nigerian movie industry for over two decades. She featured in the newly released Ebola-inspired Movie, ’93 Days’, in Omoni Oboli’s Okafor’s ‘Law’ and is also set to feature in Niyi Akinmolayan‘s controversial short film, ‘Room 315’.

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