This Is What Happened To The Lion That Escaped From Jos Wildlife Park Yesterday


Yesterday we alerted you of the danger ahead as a lion was said to have wandered off its home in a Wildlife Park in Jos. But we didn’t know that the poor lion will end up being treated brutally. According to Plateau state Tourism Corporation in Jos, the lion has been killed. Deputy general Manager of the Plateau state tourism corporation, Timothy Nyam also confirmed in an interview that the lion was killed at the wildlife park as it got close to the elephant area.

Okay we do know that the lion was a threat to human life and would’ve killed or devoured if given the chance. However, the big question is; was there not any other means they could have recaptured it without treating the animal with severe wickedness? I mean why didn’t they use tranquilizers or any other sensible means rather than gunning it down. The lion was found yesterday within the park and rather than recapturing it, they shot it dead. I feel they acted no different from the animal. And yes, you read it right, they acted just the way the lion would’ve. So where did the belief of being higher animals and in charge of these lesser animals go? Anyway, it would be better if we should start borrowing the Western ideology on how to treat animals under our care rightly.