Theresa May Steps In As New UK PM. Makes Interesting Changes…


Theresa May has emerged as Britain’s second female prime minister following the resignation of David Cameron.

Cameron who had earlier congratulated May resigned following the Brexit vote which saw Britain leave the European Union despite his unsuccessful campaign against the move.

Theresa May

May’s visit to Queen Elizabeth confirms her new office. She is the second female prime minister in Britain’s history after Margaret Thatcher.

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May was invited to govern the country during an audience with Queen Elizabeth II only minutes after David Cameron visited Buckingham Palace and formally resigned as prime minister.

Mrs. May has served under former Prime Minister David Cameron as Home Secretary for six years.

She became the sole contender for the position after sweeping her party’s leadership position when her opponent, Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the race.

New PM Theresa May Makes Drastic Cabinet Changes

New Prime Minister, Theresa May has just made her first senior appointments in her government.

Theresa May
British Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May, (AP Photo/ Steve Parsons, Pool)

She has made a bold statement by appointing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

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Mrs May set to work on Wednesday evening by making several Cabinet appointments, including replacing George Osborne with Philip Hammond as Chancellor.

Also, Amber Rudd took Mrs May’s old position as Home Secretary, while Michael Fallon was kept on as Defence Secretary.

David Davis took on the new brief of Minister for Brexit.

After her formal appointment by the Queen, Mrs May promised to lead a “one-nation” government dedicated to social justice and making “Britain a country that works for everyone”.

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Theresa May vowed to fight the “burning injustice” that she said has harmed minorities and women. She also promised to serve the poor and the working class.

May also emphasized bright horizons for Britain outside the European Union.

Watch her make her first speech as Prime Minister: