The Truth Behind Jackie Appiah and Former Husband Peter Agyemang’s Failed Marriage

Jackie Appiah is one of Ghana’s most adored celebrities. Though born in Toronto, Canada, she returned to Ghana at the age of 10 and began acting at age 12. She eventually grew to take up acting as a career, and through it, she became famous. Although she has featured in many delectable romantic movies, her marriage clearly indicates a significant gap between her on-screen characters, their roles, and who she is in real life. The Canadian-born Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah made her way into the list of failed celebrity marriages after she and her then-husband Peter Agyemang divorced. After a few years of holding up and trying to make it work, she gave up on the marriage.

Jackie Appiah Hid Deets of Her Marriage with Peter Agyemang from the Public

Because of her very private and reserved lifestyle, there is very little information available about Jackie, especially concerning her relationships and marriage. In this light, her marriage to Peter was very low-key until she got pregnant with her first child, drawing attention to her already existing marriage. For this reason, we cannot tell for sure how she met her estranged husband; neither is there any tangible biographical publication about him. However, reports have it that Peter Agyemang is a Ghanaian businessman, and he dated Jackie Appiah for a few months before they decided to get married.

The Truth Behind Jackie Appiah and Former Husband Peter Agyemang’s Failed Marriage
Jackie Appiah and Peter Agyemang

Their marriage happened in 2005 and survived for 3 more years, after which Jackie decided that she had had enough of the marriage. In fact, she did not want anything to do with Peter anymore. This came as a shock to many people who assumed that her successful career would be evident in her home. Sadly, it appears that handling playing different wifely characters perfectly in movies, earning nominations, and winning awards thereof is a lot easier than dealing with another human in the name of marriage.

Every effort made by the media to find out what really brought about the need for a divorce proved abortive as both parties refused to say anything about their divorce. It was particularly intriguing because they seemed very happy together in the beginning. Don’t get it wrong; failed marriages almost always have happy beginnings after all.

However, there were speculations about Peter being a dangerous person with a weird character. Some publications at the time (which has since been taken down) alleged that he physically abused Jackie. Peter, on the other hand, referred to Jackie and the publications as liars. As their marriage continued to drift aimlessly in troubled waters, divorce was imminent and rightly so, the leeway for them to recover from the trauma of being in an unhappy marriage. They finalized their divorce in 2012, and Jackie was allowed to have custody of their only child.

The Estranged Couple are Parents to a Child – Damien Agyemang

Jackie Appiah and her son Damien Agyemang

Jackie has no other child apart from her first and only son Damien Agyemang, whom she had through her marriage with Peter Agyemang. Damian was born on the 13th of October 2005 and will be 18 years old come October this year. He appears to have a great relationship with his mother because they have been spotted traveling and attending functions together on different occasions. Damian is also said to resemble Jackie Appiah a lot.

However, we cannot say whether Damien has the same strong relationship with his father or even communicates with him in the least. This is because there is no report of the two together in public places as with his mother, and apparently, the family does not want people to know what goes on in their private lives.

The Actress Seems not to want Anything to do with Peter ever Again

Whatever led to the breakup has to be something Jackie never wants to relive. Not just because she refused to say anything about what led to the divorce, but she has also shown not to want anything to do with Peter.

It was said that during the wedding ceremony of Samira Yakubu, Jackie’s manager, she had refused to take pictures with her ex-husband. Even when taking group photographs, Jackie blatantly refused lest she is pictured in the same photo with her ex-husband. She further caused a minor stir up after leaving the premises to not be in the same photo with her ex-husband. 

Jackie Reportedly Dated a Nigerian Guy – Michael Bobby Obodo – After Her Divorce

Jackie Appiah and Michael Bobby Obodo

After her divorce from Peter, Jackie Appiah and her ex-husband moved on for good and did not want to have anything to do with each other again. Therefore, leaving Jackie as a free single woman. As is common with single folks in the entertainment industry, in 2013, there were speculations and news reports that Jackie was in a relationship with a popular Nigerian actor and activist, Michael Bobby Obodo

This report was born out of pictorial evidence. The alleged couple had shared several photos of themselves attending different functions together in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Some people went further to say that Bobby had met with Jackie Appiah’s family, and they had approved of the relationship. Years later, there is nothing concrete about whether they are dating or whether they ever dated, got engaged, perhaps broke up not to talk about a wedding.

More Controversies Ensued as Jackie Appiah Remains Single

Later in 2020, rumors had it that Jackie was pregnant for George Weah, the President of Liberia. However, she debunked this claim on the United Showbiz program on UTV. She said that she was not pregnant but that the Ghanian media had impregnated her with the fake story. Well, this is all too common these days as many casual media agencies or even bloggers sit behind computers and cook up false stories for the mere purpose of gaining increased website traffic.

Jackie has not mentioned if she will ever get married again, nor has she presented anybody as her boyfriend or fiance, let alone another husband. For the past few years, she has been in the business of acting, winning awards, and doing any other thing she loves and enjoys. If she eventually decides to love again and perhaps get married, it will be surely not be hidden for too long.


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