The Proper Way To Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves [Video]


Sometimes when you don’t want to appear too serious in your shirts, rolling up the sleeves becomes your choice option. Male and female alike, you must have wondered why your folded sleeves do not always turn out or stay the way you want it to.

It’s either your sleeves do not succumb to rolling up or you have been rolling it up the wrong way. Rather than give a long article on this topic, we decided to keep it simple and then round it up with visuals since this is mostly a practical tutorial.

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Ordinarily, there is a basic method for rolling your sleeves. It starts with unbuttoning the shirt first in order to free the arm of the shirt and your wrist. After that has been done, flip the cuff of the shirt backwards in an inside out direction, then fold back using the cuff to set the width. Continue folding the cuff until the band of rolled cloth is just below your elbow.

If you want or if you often indulge in physical labour, it is always nice that you continue to fold until it has past your elbow. This allows easy movement of the arm as well as flexible movement of the elbow.

You can also choose to learn any of these three techniques in increasing order of complexity and refinement, or all. They are rolled up different and give different results depicting different styles. Here they are:

How To Roll Your Sleeves The Casual Way

sleeve 1jpg

To get a casual roll up all you need do is look at the picture above and follow the four steps.

1. Unbutton both buttons of your shirt sleeves.

2. Flip the cover over to have enough working area.

3. Tuck the cuff and roll it under so that the cuff creates a new, precise end of the sleeve.

4. Repeat the process if you are not satisfied until you achieve your desired length.

How To Roll Your Sleeves The Italian Way

sleeve 3

1.  Just like the previous, start with both cuff buttons unbuttoned.

2. Fold the sleeve up, from an inch or so beyond your elbow.

3. Flip the sleeve upward, to just below the end of the cuff. You want about a third of the cuff to be visible.

How To Roll Your Sleeves The Marine Way

sleev 4

This third style requires a little more attention than the previous two.

1. Flatten out the sleeve (preferably ironed) on a steady surface.

2. Bend the sleeve upward at the cuff, then curl until it is inside out.

4. Straighten both the bottom and top of the cuff. Make sure they are very neat and do not have wrinkles.

5. Fold the full cuff up again, like you did at the beginning.

6. Curl again, this time neater. Repeat to your preferred height on the arm. (Consider going higher up with this style.)

This two minutes video will help you master all you have learnt. It portrays in three easy steps how to stylishly roll your shirt sleeves.

Hope you like it.

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