The Connection Between How A Lady Wears Bra and Her Personality


Before you wonder what the connection between a lady’s bra and her personality is, note the saying “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” If you haven’t noticed, you wake up every morning in similar manner if not the same way. This is because over time you’ve built that routine into a habit and it can be added to your personal traits – the element that builds your personality.

If you want to know the personality of a female friend you just met, catch her when she is dressing up and observe the pattern she uses to strap up those oranges. It might seem like a normal routine for most ladies, as most of them have gotten use to it and can do it with eyes closed – the pattern hardly changes and can reveal a lot about her personality.

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Body language/human behavior expert, and author of “Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma,” Patti Wood, revealed that the way you put on your bra correlates with four different types of people and personality which includes the Drivers, Influencers, Supporters, and Careful correctors. These four groups of people have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks. Read on to find out more about them.

1. Ladies Who Use A Back-Clasp Bra, And Fasten it at the Back 

If she uses a back-clasp bra and clasp it in the back she falls in the category of Supporters. People who fall into this personality type tend to follow tradition and stay in one line of thought. They are considerate, friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. A supporter loves to own more bras and sees bra shopping as a social event. She is most likely going to try out a new bra in the shop or market, and also help her friends pick out the right pair.

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2. Ladies Who Clasp Bra In the Front, Then Rotate It to the Back  


Women who clip the hook of their bra in front below their breast before turning it backwards are Influencers. They are charismatic and love to learn new things, however, they tend to get bored easily. As for their choice of bras, Influences love bright colors and fancy details that make them feel special and unique.

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3. Ladies Who Use a Front-Clasping Bra


It takes just a few seconds to slip into a front-clasping bra and women who wear this kind of bra fall into the category of  the Drivers. They do not want to waste time on anything including getting dressed. They value brevity, efficiency, and quality items that ensure they will never have to buy a thing twice. Drivers are interested in mostly designer products even when it comes to bras.

4. Ladies Who Clasp Bra Before Sliding It Over Your Head and Pulling Up the Straps 


The Careful Correctors will fasten and properly adjust their bras before they slide it over their heads. They see life from the view of a perfectionist and everything should done right including something as petty as wearing a bra. When shopping for a bra they are most likely going to check meticulously on accurate measurements and expert recommendations.

These group of ladies are also very secretive and hate to share vital information about their life to strangers. They do not love to attract attention with their personality and exposed breast so they are more comfortable in a sports bra.

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Which category do you or your female friends fall into? Anyway the picture below shows step by step procedure of the proper way to wear a bra.


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