The 10 Most Handsome Yoruba Actors In Nollywood

Nollywood is blessed with amazing talents from different ethnic groups in the country. The industry’s heritage of actors from diverse cultures and traditions has become one of its greatest strengths and has also made it more endearing and enviable in the eyes of the world. The Yorubas, one of the biggest ethnic groups in Nigeria, boasts different good-looking, endearing, and talented actors who hold great stakes in the industry as far as growth is concerned. They are not only handsome faces but names, which we are thankful for. Check out the 10 most handsome Yoruba actors in Nigeria. The list has been compiled in ascending order.

Ten Most Handsome Yoruba Actors In Nollywood

10. Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta

  • Age: 53​​​​​​ years old
  • Active Since​​​​: 2012
  • Best Known as​​​​: Chatta
  • Other Careers​​​​ Hats: Singer and songwriter
Chatta (image source)

Starting the list of our 10 most handsome Yoruba actors is the talented actor Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta. Chatta became famous in 2012 after his appearance in the award-winning film Aiyekooto. Since then, the actor has directed, scripted, and featured in many Nollywood films. Chatta is a respected role model and is seen by many as an inspiration. This is because he could rise to the top even though he did not finish his primary education. He is lavishly handsome and loved by female actresses and tons of admirers.

Abiodun stands tall at the height of 1.95 meters. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and loves dressing in his Yoruba traditional attire. His designer indeed does a great job for his designs as he always stands out with unique outfits. Chatta keeps fit by hitting the gym regularly and eating healthy.

9. Gabriel Afolanyan

  • Age: 54 years old
  • Active Since: 2010
  • Best Known as: G – Fresh
  • Other Career Hats: Singer and songwriter

Gabriel Afolayan started his career as a musician in 1997. He made his acting debut in a short film titled F’opawon in 2010. Afterward, he became a popular personality following his appearance in the television series ‘SuperStory’ by Wale Adenuga. He is fair in complexion, keeps beards, and is indeed a Prince Charming to his admirers. He is loved in the industry for his ability to interpret roles effectively and his down-to-earth nature.

Details about his height and weight are not available; however, he loves wearing traditional Yoruba attire when going for occasions or functions. He also rocks in English wears, and he loves wearing a face cap. Gabriel eats healthy and exercises daily to keep his body in good shape.

8. Gbenro Emmanuel Ajibade

  • Age: 38 years old
  • Active Since: 2008
  • Other Career Hats: Modeling​

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Gbenro Ajibade started his career in modeling and acting in 2005 and became popular for his character Soji in the popular soap opera ‘Tinsel.’ He has also graced the runways nationally and internationally. Being a model with the perfect looks to go with it, he is adored by his female fans. Gbenro’s friendly nature is also a reason he is so much admired by the ladies.

The actor is 6 feet 3 inches tall (1.7 meters), weighs about 77 kg, and has body measurements of 37-28-11 inches for chest, waist, and biceps, respectively. He has black hair and has an athletic body. Gbenro rocks the latest outfits by his top designers. He steadily hits the gym and eats healthy to keep his body and mind fit.

7. Sunkanmi Omobolanle

  • Age: 42 years old
  • Active Since: 2007
  • Best Known as: Sunkanmi
  • Other Career Hats: Movie Director​
Sunkanmi (image source)

Sunkanmi is the son of veteran Yoruba comic actor Sunday Omobolanle, professionally known as Papi Luwe. The Yoruba actor continued in his father’s footsteps and has made a name for himself in the movie industry. He is light in complexion, handsome, and a ladies man. Sunkanmi has a good sense of fashion; he blends western and traditional outfits effortlessly, and the result is always outstanding.

6. Bolanle Ninalowo

  • Age: 43 years old
  • Active Since: 2012
  • Best Known as: Nino B
  • Other Career Hats: Entrepreneur

Popularly known as Nino B, Bolanle Ninalowo returned to Nigeria from the United States in 2010 and worked with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). He later started producing films before he ventured into acting. He is the type ladies swarm over. The actor, who grew up in the United States, is an extraordinary gentleman who has many female fans. Details of his body measurement are unavailable. Nino has an indoor gym; he works out in the morning and evenings daily. He also eats healthy to keep his body forever young.

5. Oluwabankole Wellington:

  • Age: 42 years old
  • Active Since: 2002
  • Best Known as: Banky W
  • Other Career Hats: Musician

Coming in fifth on the list of 10 most handsome Yoruba actors is actor and singer Bankole Wellington. Banky W has made a name for himself in the music and movie industries. Banky won the hearts of many with his outstanding performance in the Kemi Adetiba film ‘The Wedding Party,’ in 2016. Even more heartwarming was his marriage to actress Adesua Etomi, his on-screen wife in the same movie. The actor-singer is known for his subtle and friendly nature, attributes that have been confirmed by those close to him.

Banky is 5 feet 8 inches tall, handsome, friendly, and a well-traveled person. Keeping through exercises at home and the gym and eating healthy are the secrets to his good looks. Banky loves wearing suits and traditional wears. He shines in every attire he rocks and is adored by his female fans.

4. Abiodun Olalekan Adebanjo

  • Birthdate: December 27
  • Active Since: 2006
  • Best Known as: COOLDONBI
  • Other Career Hats: Master of Ceremony
Abiodun (image source)

Cooldonbi started his career as an actor in his Church, The Gospel Faith Mission International Ibadan, to be precise. In 2013, he had his breakthrough in the movie ‘Esan,’ and since then, he has become a popular name in the industry. He is one of the most sought out rising movie stars in Yoruba cinema. He is loved by his female fans for his charming good looks and his friendly nature. The actor dresses elegantly in native and foreign attire. Details of his physique are not available. However, he is tall, handsome, and light in complexion.

3.  Femi Adebayo

  • Age: 45 years old
  • Active Since: 1985
  • Best Known as: Jelili
  • Other Career Hats: Lawyer, Politician

Femi Adebayo started his movie career in 1985 when he starred in his father’s first movie, ‘Ogun Ajaye.’ His father is veteran actor Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello). Femi had an early start and has risen to high ranks in the industry. The actor is also a movie director and is into politics, which accounts for his popularity. He is loved by his admirers and fans alike for his charisma. 

The talented actor stands 1.43 meters tall and weighs about 58kg. His body measurement is 33-26-08 inches for his chest, waist, and biceps, respectively. He keeps fit by working out and eating healthy. Femi loves wearing fitted native attire, which always leaves him stunning at events.

2. Ayodeji Richard Makun

  • Age: 52​​​​​​ years old
  • Active since: 2006
  • Best Known as: AY
  • Other Career Hats: Comedian

Our list of the most handsome Yoruba actors would not be complete without the amazing actor and comedian Ayodeji Makun. AY started his career as a comedian and today has made a name for himself in the comedy and movie industry. He is famous for being the personal assistant and event manager of Veteran comedian Alibaba Akporombe.

The talented actor cum comedian is also known for his popular comedy show, AY Live, which has featured many comedians and artists. Women love him for his good looks and how he makes them crack their ribs in his films. Beyond that, AY is also a producer and writer. He stands 1.23 meters tall and weighs 62Kg; his body measurements are 38-31-15 inches for his chest, waist, and biceps, respectively. AY works out daily and eats healthy to keep fit. He loves and rocks with poise, traditional attires that always make him stand out.

1. Odunlade Adekola

  • Age: 45​​​​​​ years old
  • Active Since: 1996
  • Best Known as: King of Memes
  • Other Career Hats: Filmmaker
Most Handsome Yoruba Actors
Odunlade (image source)

Odunlade Adekola tops our list of the 10 most handsome Yoruba actors in Nollywood. He is the most popular Yoruba actor and is widely known for his profound acting prowess. Also the most sought-after Yoruba actor, Adekola has had several controversies of infidelity at his doorstep because of his charming looks. He is 1.93 meters tall, and details of his other measurements are unknown. However, he works out and eats organic food to stay healthy and fit. He wears traditional Yoruba attire frequently. He also loves T-shirts and Jean trousers.

Recap Of The 10 Most Handsome Yoruba Actors in Nollywood

  1. Odunlade Adekola
  2. Ayodeji Richard Makun
  3. Femi Adebayo
  4. Abiodun Olalekan Adebanjo
  5. Oluwabankole Wellington
  6. Bolanle Ninalowo
  7. Sunkanmi Omobolanle
  8. Gbenro Emmanuel Ajibade
  9. Gabriel Afolanyan
  10. Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta


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