Boko Haram: Terrorists Set Up Radio Station


The fight to wipe out the Boko Haram terrorists have been successful but might suffer a drawback following a recent revelation that the insurgents have set up a Boko Haram radio station.

This is according to a report monitored by Daily Trust on the Hausa service of the Voice of America on Wednesday, June 15.

It was said that residents of Tolkomari which is in the far northern part of Cameroon have confirmed that they now receive broadcast messages from the sect via the radio station on 96.8 fm.

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The Boko Haram radio station, according to the report, broadcasted propaganda news especially those that countered reports of victories from troops of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic against the insurgency.

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Boko Haram Radio Station Established

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Although the government of Camaroon has began investigations to find out the actual location of the station which is suspected to be located along the Nigeria-Cameroon border, it is still worried by the new development because there is a strong possibility the terrorists could use the Radio station to also mobilise people into joining Boko Haram and also use it to warn their members of military operation in the region.

Muhammad Garba who reported from Cameroon said the radio station covers both Cameroon and Nigeria and that the Northern state is not far. He said the Radio station has a schedule for different programmes.

A Boko Haram member who spoke on the radio said:

“If the government of Cameroun says they have killed Boko Haram insurgents. They should know Boko Haram is here, and they are reporting news with this Radio station owned by Boko Haram, which is around Cameroon, indicating what they are saying is not true. despite their investigations. We are in Nigeria and Cameroon, and we will continue to report with the Radio station”.

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The Nigerian Army has not soft-pedaled since it launched a full-scale war against the insurgents. Counting on the huge success they have recorded against the terrorists, there is strong belief that in no time, the location of the Boko Haram radio station will be sniffed out and razed.