Tee Billz Uses IG To Raise Awareness On Mental Health


In mid-2016, people were worried about the mental health of Tiwa Savages’s husband, Tee Billz after he pulled some depressed and emotional stunts on Instagram.

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After much drama and staying away from social media, the dude is fully back, this time, sharing text and photos geared towards raising awareness on mental health.

The level of psychological well-being of every human is dependent on their environment, and with the state and condition of Nigeria, most people may have mental illness even without realizing.

Recognizing this fact, Tee Billz has decided to use social media to play a role in helping people who are in the mental state he was several months ago.

On January 9, 2017, the estranged husband of the ‘Eminado’ superstar shared on Instagram photos talking about mental health.

Tee Billz Is Back On IG, Raises Awareness On Mental Health
Tee Billz On Mental Health

“If you can seek help for malaria and fever, don’t be ashamed about your psychological and emotional condition!!! Why are we so afraid to discuss mental health in our society??? #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness,” one of his photos read

Recently, the former rapper and artiste manager has been undergoing therapy, not the usual kind though, he uses exercise to relieve himself.

He took to Instagram on December 8, 2016, sharing a photo of himself at the gym with the caption, “Morning Therapy.” A day before he shared a photo with the inscription, “Some days it’s not about health or muscle-building. It’s just therapy.”

Meanwhile, Tee Billz has shown commitment to wanting his family back. He spent most of the Christmas with his son Jamil, and of course, Tiwa must have been around too.

Tee Billz Is Back On IG, Raises Awareness On Mental Health
TeeBillz and his Son

We are yet to ascertain the current status of their relationship, but we are hoping that they both come back for the sake of their son.