Comedian Chooses Comedy Over and Over Again


Professional rib-cracker and stand-up comedian, Tee A, is 100% certain that if he has to choose a career path all over again, it will still be comedy.

In his interview with Punch, Tee A spoke about how he grew in the industry in the midst and with the help of the Nigerian comedy pioneers, Emmanuel Danjuma and Ali Baba.

According to Tee A, these two were a great source of motivation in his early days and together they have been able to grow comedy in Nigeria from a 3-man business to a multi-people/multi-billion industry.

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He also talked about his versatility, not forgetting to drop a hint on his upcoming 20th-anniversary event which is scheduled for October 2016. The comedian will be celebrating two decades as the host of ‘Time Out With Tee A’ via a dinner concert.

“Comedy has been very much fair. You can’t exhaust creativity, I am thankful for being able to play my part, he said. I don’t have any regrets and the biggest lesson I have learnt is that it is always good to reinvent yourself. That is why I am a stand-up comedian, TV producer, event producer and then being a first class master. At any point in time, one has to find a way to reinvent oneself.

“I am very thankful that it is not a one-man show, there are a lot more talents that have come in and are still coming in. If the talents that were there before didn’t encourage or get me motivated by what I saw, I would probably not be here.

“I thank God for people like Emmanuel Danjuma and of course Ali Baba, who were there before me and encouraged me.  The industry has really grown from a three-man industry to a multi-million Naira entertainment industry.

“Right now, what I have planned is to focus on the anniversary celebration and we are not producing any content this year. There is still a lot coming from me.”

“We are in pre-production for our “Three meal television programme “which is the main focus for me and next year also; I want to give back something for up-and-coming comedians. I might also do a one-man show sometime next year.” he said.

Tee A