Nissan Electric Car

Our world is moving and changing at an ultra-super-fast pace these days and one thing driving this change is technology. Technologies are changing the world we live in today faster than we can imagine.

Here are five technologies that are changing the world as we know it in 2016:


Drone Ehang 184AAV

One technology that is finding application in diverse fields on a daily basis outside of its original intent is drone technology. Now drones are being used in agriculture, sports, movies and entertainment, arts and archaeology, and of course the military.

Drones are gradually becoming common place in 2016 and will soon become a regular part of our everyday lives.

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Driver-less Vehicles:

Self Driving Car

The self-driving technology though it has been around since the early 1920’s, is one technology that will change and is changing the world. Today, driver-less cars are no longer news but fact remains that they are likely to become fully commercially available globally by 2020.

With hopes of road infrastructure in Nigeria becoming world class by 2018, it is likely that we may begin to find them on our Nigerian roads pretty soon.

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Electric Cars:

Hyundai Electric Car

Next to the Driverless Car technology is that of the electric cars. With incessant scarcity of petroleum products and the resultant high prices, Electic Cars are likely to be embraced by the majority of car owners in Nigeria.

Though still largely unpopular at the moment, electric cars are set to become mainstream in Nigeria in the next 5 years.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile Applications

There has been an explosion of mobile applications over the past few years with several tech founders, including Nigerians becoming billionaires as a result. Apps today define what we do, use or do not use on our smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Notable Apps and Application companies that are changing the world right now include Facebook, Coursera, Khan Academy, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, and so many more to come.

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Humanoids (Human-like robots):

Ex Machina Humanoid

Whoever thought that our popular virtual reality movies and robots will someday become like us, and even threaten our jobs! If you’ve seen movies like Ex Machina, I Robot, The Matrix, The Terminator and RoboCop, you’ll be amazed that most of the technologies, concepts, designs and robots that were featured are today reality.

Humanoids are already being used today to teach in Countries like China, in Banking, as well as to deliver courier services.

These technologies are changing virtually every sector imaginable. You better check if a humanoid is coming after your job pretty soon.