More Money For Teachers? Here’s What Senator Bruce Suggests…


It’s another honourable statement coming from Senator Ben Murray Bruce who suggested teachers are more important than politicians, hence they should receive higher salaries than the latter.

The lawmaker representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District, stated this on Twitter, @benmurraybruce, as Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark the World Teachers’ Day on Wednesday, October 5. He urged President Muhammadu Buhari increase teacher’s salaries and reduce that of politicians.

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Senator Bruce: Reduce Politicians Salaries And Pay Teachers More

According to the Chairman of Silverbird group, teachers perform better when they are well paid. Below is Mr. Bruce words on twitter:

“Nigeria has some of the highest paid politicians and some of the lowest paid teachers. Flip this equation and Nigeria will develop.

“On this World Teachers Day, I thank Nigeria’s teachers and urge that salaries of politicians be reduced so that their salary can be increased!

“They are much more relevant to the progress of Nigeria than we politicians.

“A well paid teacher is a better teacher but is a well-paid legislator a better legislator?”

Senator Ben Bruce is not the only person defending the position of teachers around the world. A certain video going viral on social media sited a rapper-attorney speaking in favour of teachers in a court room and he said they should earn as much as other professional like doctors; because a doctor can perform a heart surgery and save a kid, but a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and allow him/her to truly live.

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The lawyer described teachers as ‘heroes’ who usually get blamed for all educational problems, when they only work in a system that doesn’t grant them many options and rights. A system where curriculum are created by policy makers, most of whom never taught in a class a day in their life.

Yet, a teacher who reaches the very core of the educational system and of every heart in a classroom, works like a giant and eats like an ant.