TB Joshua Says He Is Scared Of Collecting Offerings From His Church Members


The General overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet TB Joshua has dropped what is regarded as a bombshell; he says he is scared of collecting church offerings.

The famous cleric, who is known for making controversial statements, is trending again for admitting to a fear, which his critics say doesn’t hold water as his church members still give offerings whether he collects it or not.

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T.B revealed this during his sermon on Sunday 9th April 2017 and it was recently released on his popular YouTube Channel – Emmanuel TV.

“People like me are scared when it comes to collecting thanksgiving because I don’t know where you are coming from with your money.

“Many can come with blood-money. They will just enter church and when it is time for offering, they will raise their offering whereas its blood-money.

“What can a man of God use that kind of blood-money for? Are they going to bless the man?”

According to T.B Joshua, church offerings as been a major issue in many Nigerian churches and he warned other pastors to be careful, saying what they receive from Church members as offering and thanksgiving is killing them.

T.B Joshua also highlighted that some givers like Pastors to recognize them and give them attention for putting the largest offering.

He urged pastors to refrain from praising givers so they realize they are giving to God not the Pastor.

“If you want to avoid these people and stop them from putting money – don’t praise them. Let them know it’s God they give to, not you.

“If you don’t receive something directly from a killer, he will not give you – because he wants to be recognized. They like praise; that is their reward because they have no reward from God.

“What comes from God goes to God. If what you have is from God, it will go to God – you don’t need to have any recognition from the pastor. Whatever you want to give God, you give it.

“The force behind your action determines where the action comes from… It’s not what you see but the force behind what you see that matters.”

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This is not the first time T.B. Joshua is preaching about tithes and offerings. In 2016, the pastor was reported to have returned a tithe of N500, 000 to an old woman, adding that God would not approve of him collecting a tithe from such an elderly person, who is in need of his support.

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