Driver Caught Playing ‘Adult Game’ With Friend’s Wife Says She Forced Him (Photo)


What shall we not hear! Taxi driver sleeps with friend’s wife!! Take my advice: ‘Expect the worst from everyone, friend or foe’. A taxi driver identified as Patrick Chanda, sustained serious injuries after he was caught having sex with his friend’s wife near his yard in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Although the driver who according to eyewitnesses, usually drives his friend’s wife to work everyday defended himself by saying that the woman actually forced him to sleep with her in exchange for his service, it did not stop the woman’s husband from beating him without mercy before handing him over to the police.

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Taxi Driver Sleeps With Friend’s Wife

After Patrick Chanda a resident of Kalingalinga house number BC24 in Lusaka, was apprehended, he tried to explain the situation saying:

“After taking her for work in the morning, she told me that she will give me money later in the afternoon after she knocks off from work. I agreed because that is the nature of our work. She later called me around 19:30 hours to pick her up from chilanga were she said she had traveled for work and i agreed.

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“After picking her up i drove to Lusaka Hellen Kaunda area were she resides and I demanded that she pay me my money I have worked for, instead she complained that she didn’t have money and told me to sleep with her. I tried to insist to just give me my money, but she removed her underwear and squeezed me. It was at this stage when I got carried away and slept with her just in my car.”

The unnamed woman’s husband unfortunately did not buy his friend’s story as he punched the taxi driver and hit him on the head with a metal.

Meanwhile Mr. Chanda says he will not take Mr. Sosana Bwalya to police for beating him because he still believes that they are friends regardless of the act that happened.