Taking Advantage of Mobile Advertising Space in Nigeria: Truecaller’s Case Study

As the markets become more and more competitive, companies need to focus on efficiency on all aspects of their business; especially in the marketing department. Blasting ads on the radio or TV is not only inefficient, but it costs a lot of money. Thankfully, there are better ways of making use of the marketing budget to the fullest. One of such is using targeted mobile advertising platforms, guided by intelligence and analytics such as Truecaller ads.

Truecaller is a Swedish company founded back in 2009. It’s already popular in a lot of places, and the app has become one of the most used apps in Nigeria.

Truecaller is a mobile app that allows the user to see who is calling, even if the caller is not in the user’s phonebook. The app will also give the user more details when compared to the built-in phonebook app. This allows the user to know if the person calling him or her is a spam caller or marketer. On top of that, Truecaller has capabilities to block callers so the user don’t get disturbed with unnecessary phone calls.

The real power of Truecaller is due to its ability to accurately identify callers and match the caller’s name thus allowing the user to efficiently block any unwanted calls. Throughout the world, Truecaller helps boost millions of users daily communication needs by identifying and avoiding fraud, telesales, and harassment calls and SMS. With such a wide user base, the company is in a prime spot to start increasing their bottom line by offering the app’s advertising spots to more businesses in different countries.

That is why Truecaller officially announced they are rolling out their ad platform in Africa, including Nigeria.

At the moment, Truecaller has gathered about 40 million users in Africa alone. This means that businesses choosing to advertise in Africa would have the potential to reach a lot of people through this platform especially as mobile phone penetration is expected to keep increasing . But we are not just talking blasting ads to 40 million people. That’s not exactly efficient.

The real beauty of Truecaller’s ads platform relies on something that the company refers to as Call Intent Targeting (CIT). CIT is all about serving ads to the user the moment the user is searching for a specific phone number.

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For example, whenever the user searches for a number for a taxi company, the Truecaller’s ads will start displaying ads from taxi companies. This is efficient, and it has a great synergy with their app’s purpose. On top of that, Truecaller’s advertising platform allows the advertisers greater degree of customization.

Advertisers are also able to add their own message, colour elements, and logo; and these are all integrated into the Truecaller’s native interface allowing the advertisers a greater degree of immersing the user in their brand experience.

In Africa, Truecaller is especially focusing their efforts on Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. In Nigeria, Truecaller reported that the app receives 5 million impressions a day. This could be a great news for businesses in Nigeria as they have now the ability to reach more people in a very efficient manner.


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