Taiwan’s President Accused Of Lacking Emotional Balance Because She Is Single!!


A news article in the International Herald Leader, owned by China’s official Xinhua News Agency, has attacked Taiwans New President Tsai Ing-Wen branding her as ”extreme” in her politics because she’s an unmarried woman lacking the emotional balance provided by romance and family life.

The author, Wang Weixing, serves as director of Beijing’s intermediary for handling Taiwan affairs, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits.

Mr. Wang says:

From a humanistic perspective, as a single female politician, [Tsai] doesn’t bear the burdens of emotional love, family constraints, or child rearing. She is leaning toward an emotional, personal, and extreme development of her political behavior and strategies. As for political maneuvering, she thinks less in strategic directions but more in tactical details. She is extreme in achieving short-term goals, but takes less account of long-term ones.

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Last week Tiawan swore in a new President Tsai Ing-Wen who won in a landslide victory in January. Her campaign focused on advocating for a strong democratic Taiwan, something which appealed to the vast majority of the populace having become wary of the close ties with Beijing developed by her predecessor and political opponents over the past eight years.

Her opposition to Chinas insistence that Taiwan is a part of China has strained the relationship between both countries.

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This is viewed as China’s harshest attack on Tsai Ing-Wen since her inauguration last week, the new president was denounced as a flawed human being and strident advocate of Taiwan’s formal independence from China, something Beijing says it will use military force to prevent.

The 60 year old Tsai has had a “simple” history of relationships, with just one known boyfriend, who she dated in the US and who died in an accident.

The article could not be accessed on Wednesday, and has apparently been deleted.